More Souls Added To The Kingdom In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings and love from this end. I do hope this report finds you all doing great in health and in all that you do. We praise God for His great care and love over us and the work we are doing. Last week in CBIW was exciting as the students started short courses which are Scheme of Redemption and Personal Evangelism. These courses will take them one more week in school there after they will move to different locations in Cameroon both in the French and English communities for two weeks.

Brother Rene Awah accepted the gospel in Ekona village and was added to the congregation there. Keep him in your prayers for the growth of his zeal to serve the Lord in purity.

It was also time for them to go out of Wotutu for a Bible lectureship. This is the very first one for this BETA batch, it was great and they have started writing their own history in their preaching calling.

I was able to teach the audience in Ekona village, who attended the lectureship on how to become more evangelistic in our communities. It was great. We do hope many will double up their evangelistic efforts to rob from the strong man’s house and rescue many souls from darkness.

The students of CBIW are part of the system to evangelize our dark world. You can see them on house to house sharing the saving message to many that will allow them to speak out the words of God.

The students will knock also those in the workshop, like one of the tailoring ladies who stopped what she was doing to listen and asked constructive questions concerning her deep involvement in her denomination. The local congregation in that area has done a great work to follow up, but with no preacher, how will this work?

Sisters in Ekona congregation sacrificed enough time to prepared corn flour to help us replenish our energy as we work in the community preaching and teaching.

Brother Jacob who is the landlord of the house that the church in Ekona worships obeyed the gospel and became a brother. Keep him in your prayers. May God use him in that community to glorify God. Keep him in your prayers who made lots of promises to help expand the gospel of Jesus in his family. The Lord added four souls total over this four days and one lost soul came back to the family.

Our weekend was great as we left class and jumped into the field to help some souls come out from darkness. The students have lots to write home about this first outing. We are relaxed because after the worship service we stayed again hours upon hours waiting for our hired van driver to come and take us back to Wotutu. Some students started sleeping because of the hard work. We continue to pray for a day that we shall have our own evangelistic 19 seat van, only God knows.

1) This weekend all CBIW students will leave campus to different locations for campaign. Many congregations have demanded for students and we shall go to virgin locations through a brother’s appeal to help establish a congregation in that community which is characterized by all kinds of satanic practices in the name of traditions. Please help us pray.

2) We shall also do a survey of the possibilities of establishing new congregations when the students return in April for the next quarter.

God bless you and keep you. Without your help our efforts, visions and passion would have taken us anywhere. Thanks for your prayers and support. Continue and God will never pass you by when He will return to reward His servants. I wait for any comments and suggestions. Be steadfast towards this.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director of CBIW

Posted on March 3, 2013 .