Demonstrating Love For God, Even When Persecuted...

Greetings Fellow Workers,

We continue to remember you all in our prayers of thanksgivings. You are in our minds and heart daily as we labor together in the Kingdom’s work. Our continued hope and prayer is for prosperity to be with you and that through your continued support of God’s work in Tanzania, many might be saved eternally.

The true power of the Gospel is having its way throughout East Africa. One such example is in the faithfulness of our new brother, Gaudence. During the summer campaign at Maji ya Chai this fellow received a Bible tract on the subject of God ‘s plan for the salvation of man. He approached a team the next day and inquired to know more of God’s Word. In the end he and an older man obeyed the Gospel.

Over the past several weeks Gaudence and his wife (who has also obeyed the Gospel) have been persecuted without mercy from those of their former faith. Gaudence and his wife remain strong in the Lord, having found a new meeting place for worship and this past week lead three more souls to the Lord. This demonstration of their love for God, perseverance and love for the lost is really what makes all this effort worth while.

Another wonderful example of God’s power through His Word and the Gospel is the new school of preaching in Kenya. Mike Reese and others, working through the Bear Valley extension program have begun a new work in the city of Kisumu, Kenya. The new class intake begin their studies this month. The spread of the Gospel has been spreading for years through the good efforts of the Tanzania 2000 mission efforts. This demonstrated fittingly in the planting of this new effort in Kisumu.

The Director of the program that has been chosen to lead this effort is Charles Ogutu, one of our graduates. The two deans are also graduates of the Andrew Connally School of Preaching. We are thrilled to be apart of such a grand work of God and to be able to see the fruition of the labors of the past few years. You have heard me say before and I say again; what God controls grows! Thanks be to God for the increase.

We are thankful for Adam Miller and Scott Baggett for their efforts at Kwa Mrombo and for this past week that spent at Moshi working with the Kilimanjaro congregation. Through their efforts the Lord has restored one and added another at Kwa Mrombo the week before and at Moshi another soul was restored and one obeyed the Gospel. The positive impact and influence of our short-term workers are never underestimated by this missionary. We thank God for these two godly men and all the others who sacrifice much in coming to join us in our search for lost souls.

A closing tribute to our dear sister Caitlin Middleton who returned home this past week. She is a true soldier of Christ and there are now six souls in the Kingdom because she cared. Thank you Caitlin, job well done.

Gasper called a few minuets ago and three souls obeyed the Gospel at Mto wa Mbu today. These three have been studying with Greg Dixon, an Elder at the Northport congregation in Tuscaloosa, AL who has been teaching God’s Word via Skype. Amen, Amen!

We continue praying for you all and we beg of your prayers on our behalf. There is much to do, few laborers for sure, but, by the power of God all things are truly possible.

In Him, Cy, Stephanie and Granny

Posted on September 9, 2012 .