A Beautiful Sunday In Tanzania...

To our wonderful supporters, family and friends, 

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "I believe that the first test of a truly great man is his humility." --John Ruskin

Many who enjoy our report are kind enough to write and say so. We appreciate the comments and your compliments on the writing (although we know that many improvements could be made). Trina agrees with a famous writer who said, "Writing? Oh, that's nothing. It's just like sitting down and opening up a vein" (and, in our case of reporting, trying to remember all the details of events, etc).

Today is another beautiful Sunday in northern Tanzania (East Africa). One of the benefits of living in Tanzania is great weather the majority of the time! Stuart's count after church services was 108, which included one visitor named Francis (from Kisongo). The attendance in the ladies class was lower than usual. Genesis 29:1-20 (Jacob meets Rachel) was our scripture passage and our study focused on "love" (our topic from verse 20 "Jacob served seven years for Rachel and they seemed to him but a few days because of his love for her." Jimmy taught the new converts' class and preached on "Suffering for the Sake of Righteousness."

After services, Trina met with all the mothers to announce a service that the "Gee ladies" are offering on Wednesdays from 9 am - 1 pm. Every Wednesday is "Market Day" in Kisongo where people buy all kinds of food (fruits, vegetables, corn flour, etc), live chickens, goats and other goods (shoes, tobacco, clothes, furniture, etc). Due to the crowds and heavy loads they must carry, this is a hard day for many women. Imagine carrying a child on your back or holding the hand of a young child as you battle multitudes of people, livestock, dala dalas, and wooden carts while trying to shop. This experience gives new meaning to the "shop 'til you drop" phrase  . . . because women here can really relate. Since many don't have anyone reliable with whom to leave their children we hoped this short, child-care service would benefit them. We have seen a baby left in the care of 8 year old neighborhood boy and very young children left at home alone and were concerned for their safety. In order to give quality care, we limited the age span (1-4 years old) and the total number of children accepted (10). The children will learn about the Bible, play games, learn some English, color, watch movies, play outside and be served a snack and lunch. Nine children were signed up with a possible tenth one tomorrow. Heather and Candace are excited about this, and, perhaps when Lindsey and Abigail can help, more children can be accepted in the future (perhaps we can offer this service to non-Christian families using it as an outreach program).

This week, Lindsey and Abigail continue studying Revelation at the ACSOP, still have papers to write for other ACSOP classes, and are continuing to complete their home-school education. Last week, we failed to mention that the picture of the two little girls with their hair "mussed up" was Lindsey and Abigail during our first year in Africa (2001) when they were 6 years old. Oh, the memories...

For two days our visitors, Adam Miller and Scott Baggett, worked with the church in Kwa Mrombo where one unfaithful member was restored to the body and one new soul was added! Kwa Mrombo is a new church plant (established in the last few years) and has been the recipient of the efforts of many, including both the Hoover, AL and Oklahoma groups. Speaking of the OK group, Brad Whinery will be returning to TZ in October to speak at the Leadership Conference. Some other visitors scheduled in the near future are: Neil Richey, Buddy Fry, Denny Petrillo, Bob Turner, Michael Hite, Neal Pollard, Nathan Adams and the preacher at Zachary, LA (Bruce Hatcher) where we served for 2 years before coming to Africa in 2005. We are very grateful for the many who labor with us (our supporters, visiting teachers, evangelists, etc) and who are responsible for a great deal of the success of the TZ 2000 Mission Work. Adam and Scott (above) have returned from a week of preaching and teaching in Moshi and, again, brought great news of two baptisms and one restoration!

For those who do not receive our director's report, here is an interesting excerpt. Cy Stafford writes:

"I received a short note from our brother Gasper today sharing the good news of one soul being added to the Kingdom at the new church plant at Kamba ya Chui. God continues to give the increase as His faithful servants continue to serve Him. We are indeed grateful for the privilege we are so richly blessed with, being able to work with such godly men.

One such man is David Bayi, the evangelist working with the Kioga congregation. When David was a student at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching the need for a new church plant was presented to the class. He volunteered to walk up Mt. Meru three miles every Sun. and Wed. was in school and continues today. This congregation began meeting in a small 6X8 foot goat shed and today is a congregation of over 100 souls. Yes, with God all things are possible."

While in Nairobi last week, Cy met with 18 evangelists from the Nairobi area in order to share the news of the Andrew Connally School of Preaching here in Kisongo (in its 11th year of operation) and the fruit being borne. He came away from that meeting with two men expressing the desire to come to the ACSOP. On Wednesday of this week, Cy, Jimmy, Sean, and Elly will leave to begin their week-long travels to Dar Es Salaam, Mbeya and other cities, towns and villages to meet with preachers and prospective students to recruit for the ACSOP. The school is named for the late Andrew Connally from Texas who began the work in Chimala, (southern Tanzania) in the early '60's. For interesting reading, find a copy of one of his many books on mission work entitled "So You Want a Glorified Holiday?" His wife, Claudine Connelly, wrote an insightful account of her time in Africa entitled "I Walked By His Side" which Trina read before coming to Tanzania.

ALUMNUS ASSOCIATION TO BE ESTABLISHED: During the upcoming leadership conference the ACSOP faculty plan to meet with graduates and present students in order to have a meal together and talk about setting up an alumni group, possibly using Facebook as a tool in the process. Please pray that God uses this to His glory.

GENERATOR: In the past we have mentioned the need for a new generator at the school. Many of you responded generously to that need. We purchased the generator and then filed for a tax exemption. Well, it has been many months now and the government has still not completed that process. In order to get the generator we have decided simply to pay the taxes and move on. The needed amount is $2600, of which $1250 has already been contributed. Therefore, we are lacking $1350. If you or your congregation can help with this we would be grateful. Please send any amount you can to the Kensington Woods address, listed on the front page of this report. Please mark it "ACSOP Generator."

In the family news, Matthew turned six years old, Trina has rearranged the house again and the girls are planning to invite a house full of friends for a sleep-over while Jimmy is gone. Abigail has gone to study with Grace and Trina got the opportunity today to visit with Rosemary and see her new baby girl! She also visited with Rosemary's sister-in-law Usta, who is her next door neighbor (also a member at Kisongo).

Love to you all and our many thanks for helping us win souls in East Africa!

Blessings to you and your family,
The Jimmy Gee Family

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Posted on September 9, 2012 .