Preacher's Seminar Focuses on 'The Church'

Greetings from Visakha Valley Bible College to you all at Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver. Hope all is well with you, we are all doing okay.  

We had a memorable time during the one week of Preachers’ Seminar. We thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship of 85 preachers who attended for that seminar. Among the 85 who attended for that seminar are some of our old students, current batch students and the students from Skinner’s Garden. On an average we had 65 attending for the Seminar all the 5 days. Actually, on the second we had only 48 present, but from the third day onwards we had an increase of attendance since the teaching done during the last two days remarked highly brethren attended there by the number of preachers attending was increased. We are thrilled to see those many preachers attending this seminar, especially to sit for 6 hours each day to learn from the book ‘The Church’ written by Roy Lanier Sr. This seminar is funded for only 50 preachers by our brother John O’Neal, a missionary from Bridgeport Church of Christ in Alabama. 

It was a momentous occasion to end the seminar by thanking brother John O’Neal for his kind consideration to hold the Preachers’ Seminar at Viskaha Valley Bible College. Brother Russell G. Bell, who has been visiting India for over 50 times, was part of this successful Preachers’ Seminar. Being a graduate of Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver and having been learned under Roy Lanier about this subject, ‘The Church,’ he added a lot of cream to the subject taught during this Seminar, so that the preachers and the students pay lot of attention to the topics taught. So, totally we had 5 days 6 lessons each day, about 50 mins each lesson. It was a time of extensive study on the subject as well as a great time of learning.    

We have planned this for a long time. By the grace of God we had it in the second week of August. There are several interesting things we can talk about this Seminar; one of them is the theme of the seminar that is ‘The Church.’ We are using the book written by Roy Linear Sr. ‘The Church,’ as a text book. We distributed this book (Telugu version) to the preachers attending. We know brother Roy Lanier Sr. was instrumental in establishing BVBID. It is very ironic that the Bear Valley book is being taught at Visakha Valley. Second thing, this is part of the curriculum for our fresh batch of students who would be attending the Seminar. We were delighted to invite our previous batch graduates, also all our Master Class students to be there. This seminar is also a requirement for the preaching students at Skinner’s Garden Bible School to complete their 2 year training program.  Also, this is the first time in this area to hold this 5 day Seminar.

Good News:
We are delighted to hear that most of our graduates are doing a great job of preaching Christ in their communities. We all know this is our whole mission, training men of their community to reach them with Christ and bring them to the Church. We are grateful to our Lord for giving these preachers kind hearts to strive for rescuing the lost souls.

Brother David, one of our graduates, is working in a village called Sankaram which is 40 kms from Viskhapatnam. He reports that 4 souls have been added to the Church last month. In fact, he is in need of 4 Bibles to present them to the newly added members of the Church. Bibles are a great need.

DVS Prakash is another graduate; he reports that he is holding regular studies and discussion with a denominational congregation. This congregation is very close to accepting Jesus Christ as the head of the Church there by coming forward to be baptized and added to the New Testament Church, that is Church of Christ. Last week one of our faculty, P. Malleswarao, went to Praksh’s  place to help him in the defense of the sound doctrine. Right now things are favorable for the whole congregation to obey the New Testament doctrine, we pray that this will happen soon.

Another graduate, brother Satyanandam, also reported an addition of two souls to the Lord’s Church. He has introduced one young man who is interested to learn Bible. We met with him and had spent couple of hours explaining the doctrine of the New Testament Church. He is interested in coming and auditing the classes at his convenience. He was present when Chuck was teaching ‘Christian Evidences.’  This young man is coming to school now and will be there for the short classes in the second week of September.

Y. Ratna Raju, who is also one of our graduates, is now working as a fill-in preacher at their local congregation, besides his everyday Bible studies in community. We are very happy to see these graduates working variously in their local communities. Lot of good is going to come in the future through their efforts. Kindly continue to remember them in your prayers.

Short & Master Classes:
We have been in regular contact with brother Jerry Bates who shall be visiting us with another brother Greg to teach two weeks at Viskaha. Jerry will be teaching two subject to the Master Class students, they are, Advanced Homiletics and Humanism & cults. Brother Greg will be teaching, The Scheme of Redemption & The Book of Acts. 

We thank you very much for all your concern towards the School in Visakha. Please convey our greetings to the brethren at Bear Valley as well as the brethren at Lake Houston Church of Christ.  

In Christ,
John Dean & Samuel Raju Muppidi

Posted on September 4, 2011 .