Graduation At BVBIU And More Great News...

News of another graduation reminds us of more men who are entering the field to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Recently, the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Ukraine completed another class of students and they are looking forward to the beginning of a new class in just a few months. More on this report is located below.

Over the next few weeks, the Center for Biblical Studies in Kpalime, Togo, along with the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies in Tamale, Ghana, will graduate a combined 23 men who will also enter the work of preaching and teaching the gospel. These two schools are planning to begin new classes with a total of 44 students. The more graduates who enter the work the more growth we will see in the number of students entering future classes to prepare themselves for preaching the gospel.

When I read this kind of information it excites me to know we are participating in the most effective way of fulfilling the Great Commission. The work of training men in their own country and in their own language, to take the gospel to their own cities and villages around the world, is certainly worth getting excited about. I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to work with the greatest people on earth in Denver and 15 locations around the world. 

I ask you to share the news of this work with others. Encourage others to get involved in helping train men to preach the gospel.

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Howell and Mary Ferguson recently returned from a three month trip to work with the BVBIU in Gorlovka, Ukraine. Howell’s latest report speaks of the success of the recent class graduating from the school.

Please pray for Gary and Sarah Fallis while they are in Cambodia to work with the school and local congregations. 

Extension Reports 
Persecution In Chandigarh, India: Earnest Gill shares the news of recent graduates who are preaching the gospel and suffering for doing so.

Evangelism In Cambodia: Chann Lork reports on the recent work in several villages surrounding Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Graduation In Ukraine... Bitter and Sweet: Another class completed their studies at the BVBIU. Read more from Dennis’ report.

A Teacher / Student Perspective: As Tony Johnson begins teaching in the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies, his perspective grows of the work. 

Work In Ghana Grows: Steven Ashcraft reports on the growth of the church in Ghana as a result of the work students are doing in both Tamale and Takoradi.

Charges Acquitted In Honduras: The charges of kidnapping against Nery Irias have been acquitted. Read more about this situation in Nery’s recent report.

Safari For Souls In Arusha, TZ: Cy Stafford writes about the development and work of the Safari for Souls campaign in Arusha.

One Powerful Example: It is always encouraging when Christians travel to see the work. It is even more encouraging when they set such a powerful example through their work ethic. Read more about Jimmy Gee’s father in Arusha. 

Final Thoughts
I want to close with a word of thanks. I know I say it every week and I hope you realize it is as sincere this week as it has been from the very first day. I do not take for granted the grace of our God who works through each of you to provide for this work. I know you are making great sacrifices in order to support the work of Extension Training. Everyone in this program is thankful for your gracious giving.

I will be traveling for the rest of the month of June to Uganda, Togo and Ghana. I am looking forward to being a part of the graduation ceremony at Togo and Ghana. As well, it will be my first time to visit the work in Uganda and I am excited to meet the staff and students of the Uganda School of Evangelism. I ask your prayers on my behalf as I travel.

Please know I pray for you everyday and give thanks to our awesome God upon my every remembrance of you.

God bless

Posted on June 6, 2011 .