Life In The BVBIU... Ukraine

Hello, dear brothers. 

We want to share with you some information about the work of the Ukrainian branch of Bear Valley Bible Institute. At last, we have a real spring in Ukraine, and the inconveniences caused by the cold weather are over now.  

Ferguson’s visit: 
One of the major events in March was the arrival of Howell and Mary. We thank God that this family continues their work in Ukraine and encourages us to keep working for God. Howell helped the institute by teaching two short courses on the wisdom literature and the book of Job, and he continues to inspire the local church with his lessons.  

Life of the Institute 
As you know, fellowship and time together are the essential part of successful team-work. We try to spend a lot of time together and encourage one another. At the beginning of the month, we celebrated the international Ladies’ Day on March 8 in the Institute building. It was a good way to spread the gospel and to have a wonderful fellowship.

During the third week of March, we had an outreach campaign in three cities: Gorlovka, Slavyansk and Illovaysk. Our students were divided into three groups and helped the local churches. In Slavyansk they worked on the streets, having conversation with people, setting up a table with Christian literature and trying to make personal contacts. They used similar methods in Gorlovka and Illovaysk, but tried to work more in public places, like markets, bus and railway stations. 

From March 28 to April 4, we have a Spring Break. During this time, we will try to fix the heating system, since due to the hard frost some of the sections of the radiator were disabled.  

Preachers’ conference: 
On March 21, we had a meeting of the preachers of Donetsk area in Slavyansk. Albert Bagdasaryan taught a Bible lesson on the works of the Holy Spirit. At these meetings we have an opportunity to share our experiences of serving in our churches and to discuss how to spread the gospel more effectively. Next meeting of such kind will take place at the end of May. 

Next week we will have a more detailed discussion with Howell about registration of the building as the property of Christian organization. It is a very important question since the prices for the utilities in Ukraine are continually rising. Now we are paying for the building at the higher rate. However, if it is registered as the property of the church or the Bible Institute, we will have to pay at a lower rate. Please, pray about this. 

In this month, we have sent out to the churches of Christ another issue of our institute’s magazine called “Healthy Life”. Once in every two month we publish it and spread it for free among the churches. The magazine contains short edifying articles and the info about the Institute. 

Our students send you their greetings and best wishes. We thank you for your support and care for us. Please, keep on praying that we could find men willing to study God’s word and ready to preach it eventually (Luke 10.2).  

God bless you and your service. 
Your brother Dennis Sopelnik.

Posted on April 4, 2011 .