A Rooster, Shaving Cream, and A Dog...

Dear Co-Laborers, 

IF YOU HAVE EVER said a prayer for this work, donated a dollar, participated in a campaign, sent us a card or email, allowed us to show a presentation of the TZ 2000 work, taught at the ACSOP or was involved in evangelism here (whether one-on-one, teaching a seminar or preaching) we consider you a co-laborer.  Thank you for your efforts on the behalf of the Tanzanian people. 

ARE YOU YOUR WORST ENEMY?  This morning we worshipped at Monduli where our visiting teacher, Mike Reese, taught a great Bible class (Eph. 4 - Church Growth: What Makes a Good Team?") and preached a thought-provoking sermon on "The Marks of a Disciple." A man named Peniel (with whom Mr. Reese studied on Saturday evening) agreed to go with us to worship. While waiting for services to begin, we noticed a bird which continually flew up to the closed window to attack his own reflection. It reminded us that people who desire to attack others usually end up hurting themselves. 

SINCE WE WORSHIPPED in Monduli, the Ladies' Bible class at Kisongo was taught by Loveness. She is a good Bible student and thanked Trina for the opportunity because "it would challenge her to study more." 

COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO! On Friday, Agatha and Trina studied mainly about Jesus (because Trina was satisfied with her answers concerning her belief in the inspired Scriptures and in Jehovah God). Bible studies here can be a challenge. Out of curiosity her mother-in-law joined us, a rooster was crowing very loudly over and over outside the mud hut, a neighbor came in to talk for a few minutes, a nephew began to cry because he wanted Elijah's toy and then her husband came in. In spite of the interruptions, we looked at several Scriptures. Trina felt like she shouldn't leave without (if only briefly) explaining the plan of salvation. Baptized as an infant, she believes she is saved. Guess what our next lesson will center on? 

"IN THE BEGINNING"...Lindsey and Abigail finished their Genesis class (taught by Jimmy at ACSOP) and did very well. Next week both girls will begin the Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy class which lasts for 6 weeks. Lindsey is also taking Greek and is tutoring some of the other students. She will be a student in the one-week short course (Christian Evidences) that Mike Reese begins tomorrow.

'TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY HE SHOULD GO." Trina’s child-training class went very well this past Saturday as we studied the passage in Deut.6:1-9 the first half of class. These passages give us the WHO (should teach), the WHAT (should be taught), the WHEN (it should be taught), the HOW (to teach) and the WHY. It's all there in the passages. If you're up for a small challenge email Trina with your answers. After our break, she gave some practical advice and instruction concerning one area of child-training: "Training Your Child to Behave in Worship." It was fun using a large Pooh Bear as our little "trainee." 

"HOLD THE...SHAVING CREAM?" Saturday evening Abigail cooked a delicious meal of catfish, hushpuppies and French fries for Mr. Reese and our family. For dessert, she served Apple Crisp with whipped cream. Our son, David, requested some Apple Crisp but without the... shaving cream.  

"THE DOG ATE MY REPORT." Well, not exactly. Our report is late due to long services at Monduli, a trip to Arusha and a missionary-team devotional.  Thank you for everything! 

In Christ,
Jimmy and Trina Gee and Children

Posted on April 4, 2011 .