Fourteen Students Are Studying In Ukraine...

Dear brothers, families and churches.

In my letter I want to share with you some news from Ukraine. September was an intense and exciting month and full of many blessings.

First of all, our classes have started on September 5. We have 9 first-year students and 5 second-year students. All of them are very diligent in their studies and try to maintain high GPA.

Some of the second-year students are making their first steps in ministry and are helping to preach in local congregations. Dennis Petrov, Roman Kamayev and Dennis Yampolets are those men who will be ready to serve God to the full extend after 8 more months. We should keep them in our prayers since they are the next generation of Church of Christ in Ukraine.

Second, Howell Ferguson arrived a week ago. He is a regular visitor in our country, though the word “visitor” can’t quite be used here. As we say: he came to is second motherland. Howell will stay here for two more weeks. He’s teaching Homiletics and Christian Ethics to first- and second-year students respectively. So he’s busy every day. I thank God for his work and his help to us. 

This week marks the beginning of the Master’s program in our institute. This program was closed for about two years, but now we have an opportunity to continue this work.  Staring with October 3, Denton Landon is teaching his courses. It’s quite possible that because of this program we might have more good local teachers in our institute.

Central church of Christ in Gorlovka sends you their greetings. This month they had several events: a joint service together with church of Christ from Illovaysk, a meeting and a lecture for couples and young families, and youth group meetings. This church tries to constantly evangelize, and our students join this work. Every Thursday after classes, we go out and evangelize on the streets of Gorlovka.  It is very helpful for the students since they get a lot of practical experience. I noticed that many churches have problems due to just studying God’s word but not sharing the Gospel with others and, therefore, not fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. We are trying to train preachers who would be eager to preach not only behind the pulpit but also outside the church.

In the middle of October, we expect the arrival of Jim Sherman, Steve and Teesh Hausley. Please pray for their safe flight to Ukraine. 

Thank you for your prayers and support. Due to your help, we train ministers who in future will make a huge difference for the church of Christ here in Ukraine and maybe also abroad. 

Your co-worker for Christ’s cause,

Posted on October 10, 2011 .