Danlí, Honduras - February 4, 2011

Day 5 – February 2 – After class today, Nery and I met with the management of the hotel here to see about renting a room for the graduation ceremonies.  There are a couple of options open to us; the facilities here are very nice.  Afterward, we went looking for someone Nery knows who could cater the meal for us.  We were not able to find him (he has moved), so the search continues.  The days continue to be warm and dry.

Day 6 – February 3 – Today we finished the material for our class.  The students have the rest of the day to prepare for the Final Exam tomorrow morning.  One student, Yonis Gonzalez, will take it this afternoon so that he may get a head start on the weekend and travel to his hometown.  Tomorrow, Denny Petrillo arrives, Lord willing.  I’m anxious for him to see the institute here.  I learned today that the wife and daughter of one of our teachers, along with a co-worker, were robbed at gunpoint in Tegucigalpa this week.  They are fine, but lost their money.

Day 7 – February 4 – Finals today!!  There were five in class today to take the final exam; one student took his yesterday and one of the teachers who has attended the class will take his Monday.  There is not much else going on today, except that I will be meeting with the students at a local department store to look at suits for their graduation.  Brother Denny Petrillo, president of Bear Valley, was due in today, but his flight was cancelled.  So, he won’t be here until tomorrow.  More later.

Posted on February 4, 2011 .