Alpha Class Graduates!

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Danlí, Honduras – Friday night, February 11, 2011 was a very special night for the Bible Institute of Honduras (IBH).  Three students, making up the Alpha Class, became the first graduates of the institute, an extension school of the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver.  Yoni Gonzalez, Oscar Morgan and Hector Viera all successfully completed the two-year program of study and will continue to do great things in the kingdom of our Lord. 

Oscar Morgan is the oldest of the three graduates, is married to Mirian and has three children:  Karlina is the oldest and she is 15; the two boys are Erlín Esau (11) and Alan (5).  Oscar has been working for the last year and a half in the small congregation Jicarito, not far from Tegucigalpa.  When he began helping this congregation there was only one member.  In the time Oscar has been working there, it has grown to seven, not counting Oscar.  Oscar intends to find secular work to support his family.

L-R: Oscar Morgan, Yoni Gonzalez, Hector VieraYoni Gonzalez did not begin his studies at IBH at the same time as the others, but made up for lost time very quickly and has done good work.  Yoni has worked while he was a student with another graduate in the village of Villa Santa, not far from Danlí.  Now that he has completed his studies, he plans to continue his secular education and work with the El Carmen congregation in the city of El Paraíso, capital city of the region of El Paraíso.  Yoni’s father preaches in the rural community congregation of La Union.

Hector Viera is our third graduate.  Hector is the son of our director, Nery Irías.  Hector, along with Yoni Gonzalez, has been working with the church in Villa Santa and he plans to continue to evangelize that small community and work with the congregation in El Zarzal, helping his father who is the evangelist there.  He will also be finding secular work for his support.

We are very proud of these young men and pray God’s richest blessings upon them!L-R: Luis David Argeñal, Nery Irías, Jesus Paguaga, Oscar Morgan, Yoni Gonzalez, Hector Viera, Donnie Bates

Posted on February 17, 2011 .