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Wagner Mission Report - August 2011


August 2011

            On August 3rd, I left Memphis, TN and traveled to Nigeria, West Africa.  I flew from Memphis, to Atlanta, and then to Lagos where I spent the night.  The next day, I flew from Lagos to Enugu and then drove on to Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.  Abakaliki is the capital city of Ebonyi State and also the location of the Comprehensive School of Management and TechnologySchool of Biblical Studies

On Saturday, August 6, I participated in the 2nd graduating class of preachers from CSMT-SBS.  There were seven preachers who had studied for two years to complete their degree at CSMT.  They were awarded Bachelor degrees through Bear Valley Bible Institute, Denver, CO, as CSMT-SBS is an extension school of BVBID.   I spoke at the graduation to encourage the 200-300 people in attendance.  I also presented some gifts from Dorris Taylor (USA) for the top two students in this year’s graduating class.  Training men to preach the Gospel is a very important aspect of fulfilling the Great Commission.  It is good for Americans to go and do mission work.  It is a great work for native preachers are trained to take the Gospel to their own people.  The record shows that preacher training schools (like Bear Valley’s extension program) is a great and effective way to teach the lost all through the world.  I am truly humbled and excited to be a part of this Godly work.


Following the graduation service on Saturday, we traveled to the Afikpo church of Christ in Afikpo, Ebonyi State for worship on the Lord’s Day, August 7th.  The church is meeting in a school house.  The congregation that day was about 170 people in attendance and they have overrun the building in which they are in.  The located preacher at Afikpo taught a fantastic and engaging Bible class on ‘the spirit of the bed.’  I preached during the worship service and we had two respond for baptism.  After the baptisms, we visited the site of the church building that they are constructing on their own (picture to the right). 

On Monday, August 8th – 11th, I taught two master’s level classes to 5 students.  The first class was ‘New Testament Theology.’  The second class was the ‘Preacher and his Work.’  These two classes will finish up 3 of the masters students class requirements for graduation in December 2011.  The other two are about half-way through their program.


During the trip, I also made several trips to see various works.  I visited the Ihe church of Christ building that they are building with only a little assistance from American brethren (picture to the left).  I also visited the Gariki church of Christ building located in Enugu.  This congregation is a great congregation which is attempting to finish their building themselves with their own labor and contributions.  They need assistance, however, with the fence that goes around the property.  Thieves from the area are bringing people to the church building and robbing them and beating them there.  The police have told the church that they need to build a security fence around the property ($8,000).  If you can help with that, it would be greatly appreciated (picture to the right).  The walls that you see were completed by the members, but they do not have the necessary funds for the fence.

I was also able to purchase 600 Bibles through the generosity of brethren in Bradford, AR.  Although they are a smaller congregation, they contributed $2,000 to purchase Bibles are we were able to do that!  Those Bibles will be used and distributed to several preachers in Ebonyi and Enugu states and beyond!

There is a need for a good American congregation and/or individual to get involved in this work.  Lord Willing, my family and I will be moving to Tanzania in 2012 to work at the Chimala Mission.  If you are interested in a presentation, would like to discuss the work in Nigeria, or would like to get involved in this great work, please let me know!  I’m sure that the Lord will raise someone up for this work – and it may be you!


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