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Wagner Mission Report - June 17, 2012

Wagner Update

June 17, 2012

Greetings in the Name of the Lord.  I pray that the LORD will bless you and keep you at all times. "Mercy, peace, and love be multiplied to you." Jude 2
After a very exhausting two days of flying from Dallas/Fort Worth to London to Dar es Salaam, we arrived at the airport.  We had already paid and received resident permits for Tanzania, but the head immigration officer at the airport refused to allow us entry without visitor permits.  Even though we had already paid the $850 for our resident permits, we were forced to pay an additional $700 for a useless visitor permit.  That was a VERY unexpected $700 we had to pay that was intended for other uses.
Bill and Cyndi Stinson met us at the airport and took us to the place we would stay the night.  Bill, Cyndi, Anna (my oldest daughter) and myself then went to the service at one of the churches of Christ in Dar.  It was Anna's first experience of an African worship service which she found very interesting.  
After meeting back up with the rest of the family, we stayed in Dar es Salaam for the day.  We ate at the Waterfront restaurant (which sits right on the Indian Ocean) and Bill took us to some other places that I would need to be aware of as administrator.  We went to a shopping center where we purchased a few items. We didn't sleep that much but awoke early the next day and was ready to go when Bill and Cyndi came to the room.  We quickly loaded the bus and was on our way before 5 AM.  We drove almost 13 hours from Dar es Salaam to the Chimala Mission.  Along the way, we saw zebra, elephants, giraffes, warthogs, baboons, etc. It was quite an experience for the kids.  
We arrived at the Chimala Mission later that night and was shown to our new home.  We will be staying in the Mays House which as 5 bedrooms and 2 baths.  We will be getting the house painted next week inside and out so we are still living out of our suit cases currently until we get everything more settled.
The next day, Bill and Cyndi took us on a tour of the Chimala Mission.  It is a big place!!  The amount of activity on the mission and the people are really hard to grasp at this point (and a bit overwhelming, too!).  
This week, there is a large group of 17 people on a medical mission trip.  Janice Bingham brought several nursing students from Harding University.  Also, three doctors accompanied the Harding group: Dr. Frank Black, Dr. Stephen Snell, and Dr. Kent Brantly.  They also brought the families as well which has been a treat.  We also met Cherly Bode who has been here for about six weeks and will leave on Monday.  She is a nurse looking to do medical mission work and she wants to come back here to Chimala to work later this year or early next year.  The total medical mission group has done a marvelous job at the hospital.  Rena was able to witness her first Africa C-section and natural birth (all with 2 hours of each other).  
I have preached at the Chimala Mission church on Wednesday evening and also today (Sunday) AM and PM service.  I have also been involved with a meeting with the evangelism committee which is developing a plan to evangelize all of south-western Tanzania and to develop the existing congregations.  As I am taking over for Bill Stinson as the mission administrator, I have a steep learning curve to learn as much as I can in the next three weeks from Bill before he leaves to go home. It is a big job!
The family is doing well and adjusting as well as can be expected.  I will have more information next Sunday on the work and the family.  Please continue to pray for our safety, health, and endurance as we begin our work with the Chimala Mission.
Chad and Rena


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Wagner Mission Report - March 2012

Time Is Filled With Swift Transition
As the above lyrics to one of our songs indicate, our lives are always changing. Our bodies are changing, our relationships are changing, everything in our life is always in flux. Our families lives are beginning the major transition process. We have begun packing up our house to prepare for the move. We have three categories for all of our stuff: Ship it, Store it, Trash it. We are going to ship the essential goods that we will need over there. Things like clothing, books, shoes, furniture, etc. will all be shipped on a container which will leave in mid-April.  It should arrive about mid-June -- just after we arrive. We are also looking for various donations of books and home-school material to ship over. As we begin this arduous process, I ask you to pray for us that we may be able to do all that needs to be done in the next month.

Bear Valley Staff meeting
Chad will be heading to Denver next week for the annual staff meeting. We will discuss many important topics for the extension school program. If you are not familiar with the extension school concept, give Chad a call and he'll be glad to discuss it with you!

Support Level
Through the LORD's blessings, we have most of our one-time funds raised. We are working on airfare now which will be about $1,200/person (about $8,000 total). We will not purchase our plane tickets until we raise the minimum monthly support needed for our missionary work there. While we have some monthly support raised, we are in need of $2,500/month to meet our personal and work funds.  Just about every Christian and congregation can afford an additional $25/month. We have several promises, but we need good Christians to step up to the plate. We are in need of your help to be able to fulfill the Great Commission in Chimala.

Chad Wagner

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Wagner Mission Report - February 2012

"We're not interested."

   Fundraising for mission work is a rough and tumble activity.  My
   fundraising activities include making invited and univited visits to
   congregations, sending letters to congregations, and making phone calls
   to congregations.  I've left many phone messages at different
   congregations, talked with several secretaries, etc.  I reached one
   congregation in Missouri and the secretary answered the phone.  I
   introduced myself and told her about our mission effort.  I then asked
   to speak to a minister or if I could leave a message for the missions
   deacon/committee.  As soon as I finished saying that, she said, "We're
   not interested."  She then hung up the phone.
   If you've ever done missionary fundraising, you know that it's hard
   work.  When the secretary hung up the phone, I became upset.  Am I a
   telemarketer?  I am calling and asking for money, but I'm not trying to
   push vacuum cleaners.  I'm trying to raise needed funds so that we can
   do our part of fulfilling the Great Comission (Matthew 28:18-20).
   I would encourage you, if you ever answer the phone call at church from
   a missionary, listen to what they have to say.
   Wagner Family Update
   I have started my final class at Harding School of Theology and will
   graduate in May 2012 with an Master's of Divinity.  I have worked long
   and hard on this degree and I will be glad to put it behind me.  The
   kids have started back to school following the Christmas break and we
   are finally getting back in a routine.
   As you may know, we will be home-schooling our children while we are in
   Africa.  Since this is a new experence for us, we invite any feedback
   you might have as well as suggestions to curriculum, ideas, etc.  Just
   drop us an email at

Speaking Schedule

   I have several speaking engagements upcoming to either preach the
   Gospel or to make a TZ presentation.  I’d love to come and talk with
   you and/or your congregation about the amazing work the Wagner family
   will soon be involved in.
     * February 12: Marmaduke, AR
     * March 4: Fifth and Pine, Rector, AR

   Support Level

   Through the LORD's blessings, we have most of our one-time funds
   raised.  We are working on airfare now which will be about
   $1,200/person (about $8,000 total).  We have had 2 generators donated
   to the mission work which is a great blessing.
   We will not purchase our plane tickets until we raise the minimum
   monthly support needed for our missionary work there.  While we have
   some monthly support raised, we are in need of $2,500/month to meet our
   personal and work funds.  Just about every Christian and congregation
   can afford an additional $25/month.  We are in need of your help to be
   able to fulfill the Great Commission in Chimala.


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