Wagner Mission Report - February 2012

"We're not interested."

   Fundraising for mission work is a rough and tumble activity.  My
   fundraising activities include making invited and univited visits to
   congregations, sending letters to congregations, and making phone calls
   to congregations.  I've left many phone messages at different
   congregations, talked with several secretaries, etc.  I reached one
   congregation in Missouri and the secretary answered the phone.  I
   introduced myself and told her about our mission effort.  I then asked
   to speak to a minister or if I could leave a message for the missions
   deacon/committee.  As soon as I finished saying that, she said, "We're
   not interested."  She then hung up the phone.
   If you've ever done missionary fundraising, you know that it's hard
   work.  When the secretary hung up the phone, I became upset.  Am I a
   telemarketer?  I am calling and asking for money, but I'm not trying to
   push vacuum cleaners.  I'm trying to raise needed funds so that we can
   do our part of fulfilling the Great Comission (Matthew 28:18-20).
   I would encourage you, if you ever answer the phone call at church from
   a missionary, listen to what they have to say.
   Wagner Family Update
   I have started my final class at Harding School of Theology and will
   graduate in May 2012 with an Master's of Divinity.  I have worked long
   and hard on this degree and I will be glad to put it behind me.  The
   kids have started back to school following the Christmas break and we
   are finally getting back in a routine.
   As you may know, we will be home-schooling our children while we are in
   Africa.  Since this is a new experence for us, we invite any feedback
   you might have as well as suggestions to curriculum, ideas, etc.  Just
   drop us an email at wagner.chada@gmail.com.

Speaking Schedule

   I have several speaking engagements upcoming to either preach the
   Gospel or to make a TZ presentation.  I’d love to come and talk with
   you and/or your congregation about the amazing work the Wagner family
   will soon be involved in.
     * February 12: Marmaduke, AR
     * March 4: Fifth and Pine, Rector, AR

   Support Level

   Through the LORD's blessings, we have most of our one-time funds
   raised.  We are working on airfare now which will be about
   $1,200/person (about $8,000 total).  We have had 2 generators donated
   to the mission work which is a great blessing.
   We will not purchase our plane tickets until we raise the minimum
   monthly support needed for our missionary work there.  While we have
   some monthly support raised, we are in need of $2,500/month to meet our
   personal and work funds.  Just about every Christian and congregation
   can afford an additional $25/month.  We are in need of your help to be
   able to fulfill the Great Commission in Chimala.


Posted on February 8, 2012 .