The Stafford Benevolence Fund


Claude "Cy" Stafford III  1956 - 2017

Claude "Cy" Stafford III passed from time into eternity on February 1, 2017 at his home in Hattiesburg, MS after a well fought battle with Leukemia. Cy and his wife Stephanie have been dedicated the work in the Lord's church, serving as missionaries for over 25 years in Tanzania, East Africa. Cy and Stephanie have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord and reaching the world with the Gospel. They have started 3 Bible schools in Tanzania from which over 500 churches have been planted and thousands of souls of obeyed the Gospel. Through their work other schools and churches have been planted throughout East Africa. Their impact on the Kingdom will only truly be known in eternity.

We are asking for your help

We have established the Stephanie Stafford Benevolence Fund to help Stephanie with the loss of her life partner, Cy. Cy's battle with leukemia was expensive, they were forced to leave many of their personal possessions in Tanzania, and there are a number of expenses that Stephanie now bears. Please make a donation to the Stafford Benevolence Fund to assist Stephanie with these expenses. We appreciate your care and concern for this fine family.

If you would rather make a donation by check please make the check payable to the Bear Valley Bible Institute and include a note that the donation is for the Stephanie Stafford Benevolence Fund. Send you checks to the Bear Valley Bible Institute, 2707 S. Lamar Street, Denver, Colorado 80227.


To learn more about the Staffords' work with the Andrew Connelly School of Preaching in Arusha, Tanzania click here