Required Equipment and Software

Laptop Computer (PC or MAC)

Today's classroom is a different environment that it was in days of the past. The need for a good laptop is a must for taking notes, writing research papers, do exegetical work using Bible software, and much much more. We realize this is not an inexpensive investment, but it is necessary.

What do I need to buy?

There are many laptop options on the market today. Whether you decide on a Windows PC or a MAC, the key is to make a good investment. Buy the fastest laptop, with the most RAM and hard drive space that you can afford. The old adage "buy the best and only cry once" applies here. Be sure to buy something strong enough to effectively run the Logos Bible Software (see minimum system requirements).

A word of caution - many times members of the church will offer to give you an older, out-of-date, used laptop for you to use in school. Often times these are not adequate for the work you need to do. While these people are well intentioned, these laptops usually don't make it through the program. You need an up-to-date machine that has enough power to run the software you need. Purchasing a current laptop is often a better choice.

This is a item that should last you beyond your two years at school. It is a major tool that you will use all day everyday - do not skimp on this purchase.


Logos Bible Software


Today, Bible study software offers incredible tools for digging deeper into God’s word. Part of your training here at Bear Valley includes learning to use these powerful tools effectively. We now require each student to purchase the Logos Bible Software. We recognize that there are other programs on the market that can help you study the Bible. We have chosen Logos because of the vastness and quality of the resources available and its depth and ease of use dealing with the original Bible languages. You will have a class early in your studies here that will provide detailed, in-depth training on how to use this software. We are also aware of the financial investment required to purchase this tool. Because we require this software for all students in our program, Logos generously offers our full-time students a 50% discount on the purchase of their digital library. They also offer easy payment plans to extend the cost of the purchase over time to help reduce the financial burden. In order to purchase this tool at our academic discount you need to apply for academic status at

When compared to building a traditional reference library with paper-based books, the cost of this software is very reasonable. When you look at the power and integration these electronic resources provide this software becomes an indispensable tool for ministry.

What do I need to buy?


For our needs at Bear Valley, we require students to purchase the Logos version 5 SILVER LIBRARY as a minimum. This library should be priced at $499.97 for our students. If you can afford the Gold or Platinum libraries we encourage you to purchase these larger libraries. They are well worth the cost and many of our students upgrade to these libraries after they have seen the resources and power of this tool.


We also strongly suggest that you purchase A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature (BDAG) while making your purchase. This lexicon is the gold standard in Greek lexical work and is well worth the additional money. This resource purchased in the traditional paper version retails for $145 - spending $5 more for the electronic version makes it indispensable. (Please note that BDAG is included at the Platinum Library level)


For a detailed comparison of the various Logos libraries available - click here.

Let us say again that we realize these tools are expensive. However, in the long run these tools will save you literally hundreds of hours over the course of your time in school and future ministry. As you are raising support to come to Denver, be sure to include these items on your list of needs.

If you have questions about these items, please feel free to contact us directly. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

How do I get it?

To get the academic discount for your Logos purchase, apply for academic status at Once approved you may purchase any core library and most other resources from their website at the 50% discount..