2018 Bear Valley Lectures

“There Is A God” - A Study Of Evidence


Thursday, September 13, 2018

7:00 PM: “There Is A God” (Jeff Miller, Montgomery, AL)

7:45 PM: Great Texts On Christian Evidences: Genesis 1 (Eric Owens, Avondale, GA)


Friday, September 14, 2018

8:00 AM: Great Texts On Christian Evidences: Acts 17 (Eddie Parrish, Ft. Worth, TX)

9:00 AM: One All-Encompassing Reason To Believe The Bible (Eric Lyons, Wetumpka, AL)

9:00 AM: SPECIAL STUDIES: Archaeology And The Old Testament (John Moore)

9:00 AM: HELP FOR PREACHERS: The Preacher’s Personal Faith In God (Eddie Parrish, Ft. Worth, TX)

10:00 AM: How We Got The Bible: Inspiration (Dan Owen, Paducah, KY)

10:00 AM: SPECIAL STUDIES: Archaeology And The New Testament (John Moore)

10:00 AM: LEADERSHIP SESSION: Suffering And 1 Peter (Michael Hite, Littleton, CO)

10:00 AM: HELP FOR PREACHERS: Ministering To Those Who Doubt (Barry Grider, Germantown, TN)

11:00 AM: How We Got The Bible: Canonicity (Denny Petrillo, Littleton, CO)

11:00 AM: SPECIAL STUDIES: Defining Debates On Apologetics (Bart Warren, Glasgow, KY)

11:00 AM: LEADERSHIP SESSION: Equipping Elders To Confront Evolution (Eric Lyons, Wetumpka, AL)

11:00 AM: HELP FOR PREACHERS: Incorporating Apologetics Into Evangelism In An Age Of Skepticism (Cliff Sabroe, Visalia, CA)

2:30 PM: How We Got The Bible: Transmission (Denny Petrillo, Littleton, CO)

2:30 PM: SPECIAL STUDIES: Cosmic Design In The Earth-Moon Relationship (Branyon May, Austin, TX)

2:30 PM: LADIES SESSION: Dating The Earth With Fossils, Strata, And Various Dating Techniques (Kristy Huntman, Stonewall, OK)

2:30 PM: LEADERSHIP SESSION: Seven Tips To Help An Elder Build His Own Faith (Paul Myers, Salmon, ID)

3:30 PM: How We Got The Bible: Translation (Dan Owen, Paducah, KY)

3:30 PM: SPECIAL STUDIES: “The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God” (Michael Hite, Littleton, CO)

3:30 PM: LEADERSHIP SESSION: Great Passages To Help Members Struggling With Doubt (Eric Owens, Avondale, GA)


7:00 PM: YOUTH KEYNOTE:  “The Fool Has Said In His Heart, ‘There Is No God’” (Eric Owens, Avondale, GA)


Saturday, September 15, 2018

8:00 AM: The Teleological Argument (Dave Miller, Montgomery, AL)

8:00 AM: YOUTH SESSION: Is God Guilty Of Murdering Millions Of Canaanites? (Eric Lyons, Wetumpka, AL)

8:00 AM: SPECIAL STUDIES: The Case For The Soul (Wesley Walker, Nashville, TN)

9:00 AM: “How Can A Good God Allow Suffering?” (Ryan Fraser, Henderson, TN)

9:00 AM: SPECIAL STUDIES: An Examination Of Theistic Evolution (Hiram Kemp, Lakeland, FL)

9:00 AM: YOUTH SESSION: Creatures That Speak To Us And Tell Us About God (Brett Petrillo, Denver, CO)

9:00 AM: LEADERSHIP SESSION: Apologetics Issues Our Members Struggle With: Homosexuality (Gay Gene/Transgender Issues/Etc.)(Matt Vega, Henderson, TN)

10:00 AM: The Ontological Argument (Aaron Johnson, Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

10:00 AM: YOUTH SESSION: Meet The Atheist (Dean Meadows, Gastonia, NC)

10:00 AM: LADIES SESSION: “Christian Evidences And Noah” (Kathy Petrillo, Littleton, CO)

10:00 AM: LEADERSHIP SESSION: Apologetics Issues Our Members Struggle With: “True Science” (Scientific Accuracy Of Scripture/Can Scientists Accept Creation/Etc.)(Doug Burleson, Henderson, TN)

11:00 AM: Robinson Caruso's Cause and Effect (Corey Sawyers, Littleton, CO)

11:00 AM: YOUTH SESSION: That’s Astronomical! (An Astrophysicist Talks About God)(Branyon May, Austin, TX)

11:00 AM: LEADERSHIP SESSION: Bible Texts That Will Help Straying Sheep (Donnie Bates, Denver, CO)

11:00 AM: HELP FOR PREACHERS: “Preaching On Christian Evidences” (Mike Vestal, Midland, TX)

2:30 PM: The Moral Argument (Nathan Liddell, Aurora, CO)

2:30 PM: YOUTH SESSION: Leaving Home, But Keeping Your Faith (Matt Vega, Henderson, TN)

2:30 PM: LADIES SESSION: The Bible Is Scientifically Accurate (Veronica Brown, Farmersville, TX)

2:30 PM: SPECIAL STUDIES: Is God A Moral Monster? (Matthew Morine, Castle Rock, CO)

3:30 PM: The Anthropic Principle (Jeff Miller, Montgomery, AL)

3:30 PM: YOUTH SESSION: Owning Your Faith (Tyler King, Littleton, CO)

3:30 PM: LEADERSHIP SESSION: Shepherding Those Who Have Lost Faith (Mark Hanstein, Knoxville, TN)

3:30 PM: HELP FOR PREACHERS: “Preaching On Christian Evidences” (Mike Vestal, Midland, TX)

3:30 PM: LADIES SESSION: What I Love Most About The Reliability Of The Word (Brittani Kemp, Lakeland, FL )

7:00 PM: Great Texts On Christian Evidences: Romans 1 (Bart Warren, Glasgow, KY)


Sunday, September 16, 2018

8:00 AM: Seven Foundations Of Civilization (Psalm 11:3) (Charles Pugh III, Vienna, WV)

9:00 AM: Jesus: Man Or Myth? (Doug Burleson, Henderson, TN)

9:00 AM: YOUTH SESSION: Who Is Jesus? (Studies In Mark)(Cliff Sabroe, Visalia, CA)

10:00 AM: The Case For The Resurrection (Mike Vestal, Midland, TX)

4:00 PM: What Happens When We Die? (Dave Miller, Montgomery, AL)

4:00 PM: SPECIAL STUDIES: Missing the Messiah in the Book of Isaiah (Dave Chamberlin, Morrison, CO)

5:00 PM: The Reality Of Hell (Scott Cain, New Orleans, LA)

5:00 PM: LEADERSHIP SESSION/HELP FOR PREACHERS: How Can Elders And Preachers Work Together To Equip The Faith Of Members? (Hiram Kemp, Lakeland, FL)

5:00 PM: LADIES SESSION:  The Christian Life: A Defense Of The Christian Faith (Celicia Grider, Memphis, TN)

6:00 PM: The Reality Of Heaven (Barry Grider, Memphis, TN)