2017 Bear Valley Lectures

Everyone Did What was Right In Their Own Eyes - Studies In The Period Of The Judges

September 14-17, 2017

*Audio links are available below - our apologies to Rose Crayton, Christa Bassett, and Denny Petrillo - we had technical difficulties with recording their sessions and no audio is available.

Speakers and Topics

Thursday, September 14, 2017

7:00 PMIntroducing The Period Of The Judges–Wayne Jones, San Marcos, TX - audio here
7:45 PM”Every Man Did What Was Right In His Own Eyes”–Jay Lockhart, Whitehouse, TX - audio here

Friday, September 15, 2017

8:00 AMThe Price of Partial Obedience (1:1-2:10) –Tommy Haynes, Moore, OK - audio here
9:00 AMThe Recurring Pattern (2:11-23)–Corey Sawyers, Paris, TN - audio here
9:00 AM(Special Studies Session) Who The Oppressors Were and Where They Came From–Dave Chamberlin, Morrison, CO - audio here
10:00 AMThe Influencing Of Neighboring Nations (3:1-4)–Rick Brumback, Henderson, TN - audio here
10:00 AM(Ladies Session) Women Of This Period -Deborah–Hannah Lee, Hermitage, TN - audio here
10:00 AM(Leadership Session) Contrast In Leadership Legacy-Moses Vs. Joshua–Dean Murphy, Castle Rock, CO - audio here  
11:00 AMIsrael Fails The Test (3:5-7)–Gary Massey, Chattanooga, TN - audio here

2:30 PMIsrael Did Evil And God Sends A Model Leader(3:7-11)–Jason Moon,  Richardson, TX - audio here
2:30 PM(Special Studies Session) Archaeology And The Settlement Period–Dewayne Bryant, Arlington, TX - audio here
3:30 PMIsrael Did Evil And God Sends A Courageous, Then A Mysterious Leader (3:12-31)–Justin Rogers, Henderson, TN - audio here
3:30 PM(Leadership Session)How Does An Abimelech Come To Power?–Danny Boggs, Neosho, MO  - audio here

Saturday, September 16, 2017

8:00 AMIsrael Did Evil And God Sends A Woman To Lead (4-5)–Don Blackwell, Southhaven, MS - audio here
9:00 AMIsrael Did Evil And God Sends An Unsure Leader (6-8)–Andy Robison, Moundsville, WV - audio here
9:00 AM(Leadership Session) A Look At Declining Male Leadership In The Period Of The Judges(And Today)–Dave Rogers, Fayetteville, GA - audio here
10:00 AMIsrael Did Evil And God Did Not Send A Leader (9)–Carl McCann, Fruitvale, TX - audio here
10:00 AM(Ladies Session) Women Of This Period-The Bad Examples–Christa Bassett, Apple Valley, CA - no audio available
10:00 AM(Youth Session) Samson Strength, Not Samson Spirituality–Mike Bonner, San Angelo, TX - audio here
11:00 AMIsrael Did Evil And God Sends A Faith-Filled Leader(10-12)–Dale Babinsky, Clinton, TN - audio here
11:00 AM(Leadership Session) How Can Leaders Navigate Through These Changing Times?–Matt Vega, Henderson, TN - audio here
11:00 AM(Youth Session) Can You Please God When Everybody Is Doing Their Own Thing?–Jeremy Roberts, Oklahoma City, OK - audio here

2:30 PMIsrael Did Evil And God Sends A Carnal Leader (13-15)–Billy Lambert, Summerdale, AL - audio here
2:30 PM(Leadership Session) Leaders Must Protect Their Homes-A Look At Eli And Samuel–Steve Lloyd, Austin, TX - audio here
2:30 PM(Youth Session) Help Me Understand Jephthah's Vow–Denny Petrillo, Littleton, CO - no audio available
3:30 PMIsrael Did Evil And God Sends A Redeemed Leader(16)–Brian Kenyon, Lakeland, FL - audio here
3:30 PM(Ladies Session) Women Of The Period-Naomi –Rose Crayton, Frisco, TX - no audio available
3:30 PM(Youth Session) You Will Meet Some Delilahs–Hawatthia Jones, Guatemala City, Guatemala - audio here

7:00 PMHow We See Providence In The Period Of The Judges –John Baker, Katy, TX - audio here

Sunday, September 17, 2017

8:00 AM“Now There Was A Man Of The Hill Country...” (17-18)–Mark Bassett, Apple Valley, CA - audio here
9:00 AMOne of The Darkest Events In Israel's History  (19-21)–David Sproule, West Palm Beach, FL - audio here
10:00 AM”Now It Came About In The Days When The Judges Governed”: A Study Of Ruth– Don Walker, Austin, TX - audio here

4:00 PMSamuel, The Bridge From The Judges To The Kings (1 Sam. 1-8)–Ken Dawdy, Aurora, CO - audio here
4:00 PM(Ladies Session) Women Of The Period-Jael –Michelle Parker, Littleton, CO- audio here
5:00 PMNo King In Israel, Not Even God–Keith Kasarjian, Prattville, AL - audio here
6:00 PMHow Can The Church Succeed In These Self-Ruled Times?–Wesley Walker, Nashville, TN - audio here