My visit to Nepal and India

It was my pleasure to return to Kathmandu, Nepal after a 3 year absence. The last time I was there was only 5 weeks after the catastrophic earthquake they had suffered. Much has changed! In addition to rebuilding in the city, more importantly, the Nepal Center for Biblical Studies has a new facility to meet in and house the students. The building is also used to host various area wide church activities.

I was able to meet with Director, Gajendra Deshar, Arun Ree, and Jerry Golphenee regarding how the school is doing and also discuss plans for the future. Nepal is 95% Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim. Pray for our brethren ae have certainly have our work cut out for us.

After leaving Nepal I was able to visit the Visakha Bible College once again. I had been asked in advance to teach the students "Homiletics", which I always enjoy doing. I was impressed by the students! Their level of knowledge coupled with the complete attention was encouraging.

Also, I was blessed to be able to address the topic of "Leadership" to an area-wide meeting of preachers that exceeded 75 in attendance. There is a lot of good being done in and around this metropolis of several million souls.


Keith Kasarjian

Director, Bear Valley Extension Studies

Posted on April 24, 2018 .