Another new school excelling

Greetings from the staff and students of BVBI and SWSE Owutu, Ikorodu, Lagos.

Here is the summary of October and November 2018 activities.

The diploma (year 1) are still regular in the class since January 2018.
Presently, we are done with the following subjects:

1. Writing language and research

2. Old Testament-1 (Study of the law Gen-Deut)

3. New Testament Church(One true church)

4. How we get the Bible

5. Christian evidence

6. Old Testament3 (a) (A study of wisdom literature -Job)

7. God's plan for salvation (Scheme of redemption)

8. Biblical interpretation 1 (Introduction to Hermeneutics)

9. Christian ethics

10. Public speaking 1 (Introduction to sermon preparation and presentation)   

2. EVANGELISM: The students were able to evangelize Olufowobi street, Ago Iwoye street, Sultan Bello Street and Fish Pond Road, all in Ikorodu Lagos state.  Our efforts were blessed with 3 converts and 6 restorations.

BVBI-Ikoradou, Nigeria

Posted on December 18, 2018 .