Brighter days ahead in Tamale


The new management team of the school gives glory to the Lord for His support in our struggle to bring the school back to life. The team took over at the time the school was almost closed down. The school was having seven students and out of the seven only three were having Junior High School certificates. Apart from the poor enrollment with the low educational standard, the school compound was turned to forest and home of goats, sheep and fowls. A lot of negative comments were said about the school and that the school cannot longer see any progress due to the situation in which it was at the time.

The roof of the building was leaking all over and parts of the walls were almost fallen apart which the new management put in order. There are still some other things realized not being in good place that the team is trying to put them one after the other as and when the opportunity and funds come. 

The New Enrollment:

The effort made by the new management with your prayers to make things put in other and in place, we are now able to enroll 14 students that commenced the new school year on the 10th July 2017. Though we have not met our set goal of 16-20 students yet, the 14 in number is a great change. We are still campaigning for more till the end of 2017.

The School Farm:

The new management team with the new vision has converted the one and half acre land of the school that was turned from forest to maize farm. This farm when well manages can provide food for seminars and students which can help reduce some financial burden of the school, especially the seminar feeding expenses.

The Land Lease:

We have also much work with the land lease documentation of the school land   that has been delayed for a very long time. What is left now is for Steven to come with the original land documents for the chiefs to sign to make it mature for ownership registration.

The Tamale Team


Posted on August 7, 2017 .