Excitement and challenge in Ukraine

Many of you are aware of the challenges the school in Ukraine has faced in the past 2 years. Due to the war and fighting in eastern Ukraine, our building was stolen (literally at gunpoint) and the school was forced to move to the other side of the country. By the time another move was needed, both enrollment and funding support had dwindled. 

However, due to the diligent work of Denis Sopelnik (Director) and the stability of a better location, enrollment has increased from 3 to 17! The sudden growth is both exciting and challenging, as we now find ourselves with a serious monthly shortfall. If you can help in any way, whether by a one-time contribution or with regular support, please contact me by email (kkasarjian@wetrainpreachers.com) or by phone. 334.306.1573

To see the latest report, click HERE and you will see that the future is bright! 

Posted on January 8, 2017 .