Both challenge and opportunity in Cameroon

Dear Cameroon Support Team,

Elangwe traveled to Douala to send out a report. All is well with our preaching training. The new students are settling in and the graduates are busy nurturing congregations. The Gamma Batch of 21 graduates are preaching in 32 different congregations each Sunday as many of the students are peaching in two congregations. 

There is some conflict between English Cameroon and French Cameroon. There is some talk of succession, as Elangwe has made mention of. There is no present threat to our schools, our brethren, or our travels. Both sides are talking.

Thank you for your continued support. The dormitory construction in Mbanga is going on well. We are preparing for graduation there in March. 

Continue to pray for the work and pray for the county of Cameroon and for America as well. May the word of God prevail in the hearts of men.

Have a blessed day in Him,

David Ballard, Cameroon Coordinator 

Posted on January 31, 2017 .