News from French speaking Cameroon

Greetings from this part of the globe,

   I hope this mail meets you all in very saved condition. We are doing pretty good in Cameroon and the work of God is progressing. We are done with the short courses and students have gone out on Campaign already which makes the end of the second quarter in the second year. You can't imagine how time flies, but all of our students are in good health before going on evangelism campaign.

Our congregation experienced a lot of visitors today and the children are growing in their numbers and the Sunday school class is improving.

While preparing to graduate the Alpha batch come March 2017, we are also preparing to recruit the Beta batch and we have the first phase of the entrance exams in Garoua on the 28th of October 2016. We are planning to travel there with one other instructor by His grace. The journey will begin on the 21st because we shall travel for two days to get there and use two days in Garoua then another days to return interview material and exams material will carried along side. It will not be a simple task to us, but we prefer it that way instead of them coming down to us because they cannot afford the cost. 

 My beloved I am happy to let you know that our green house is doing well as we continue to harvest our vegetable every two weeks and some of our neighbors who took part during the seminar are also having a share of our product. Also, a very large quantity was taken to Wotutu last Wednesday to the students and others. Certificates were also handed over to participants and every body was really happy about it.

          Keep on praying for the work in french Cameroon most especiallyas we plan to visit Some Congregations around Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.     

In Him, 

Ititi benedict Nimending


Posted on September 5, 2016 .