The Wotutu Director visits the U.S.

Dearest in Christ,

         Greetings from this part of the globe. It is amazing to be home after spending about 18 days in the USA. I was there to visit elders of the overseeing congregation and supporters of the work in Cameroon. I was welcomed by many and I shared quality time with good Christians. It was a lifetime opportunity for me to meet people and it was an opportunity to match names with face physically. Thanks very much for all your prayers to my family while I was there and the entire congregation.

   I landed in Minnesota to meet with the STC congregation. From there to Iowa to be part of a family reunion; to Denver to meet with the Bear valley Bible Institute International; to Nashville to meet with the Hillsboro congregation (who oversee the Brightland Christian Orphanage); and then to Schrader Lane congregation during their evening worship to preach and make a presentation about my work in Cameroon. Then finally went to Dallas where I was able to teach a gospel meeting in Pattonville congregation , preached and taught in Pattonville.

From there I was on my way from Dallasto Minneapolis St. Paul Airport transit to Charlesde Gaulle airport in Paris and then last flight to Douala Cameroon where I met my lovely family waiting for me. It was pretty to be home, even though I enjoyed my fellowship with many brethren there. Thanks for your prayers and for being good to me while I was with you.

Your brother,


Posted on September 26, 2016 .