Students involved in successful prison ministry

Dearest in Christ,

        Greetings from this end, we do hope this reports meets you and family in good health. We are doing great here. Rain continues to water the soil and many are happy because we are in an agrarian area, so many rejoice with the faithfulness of God to send down enough rain to prepare for planting.

      Last week in BVBIC went on well, with some hitches as usual. As I write this report all who went out for weekend evangelism are back safe but soaked with rain on their body mostly for those students who must sit on a motor cycle to reach their destinations. We appreciate all your prayers towards us.

PIC 1 - Some of us in the cause of the week was in Kumba principal prison, where we gave out thousands of mission printing tracts to bother inmates and officers. We were not allowed by the law to take pictures when we were doing evangelism from one cell to another and from a group of prisoners to others. We were pointing the truth from the Bible. It is our way of life and it is helping many to see the truth with their own eyes.  

PIC 2 - This picture shows the newly baptized Christians in Kumba principal prison. They were happy to be redeemed through the undiluted word of God. I was given the opportunity to speak for 45 minutes, so I preached on the topic “REJOICE”, assuring them that they should rejoice because God is watching the situation. 

PIC 3 - One of our students, brother Mendel baptized 10 souls in prison. Keep these brothers who are in a very horrible condition in your prayers.    

PIC 4 - Brightland Christian Academy had another brilliant result in the last public exams. Preparations to send children back to school are already going on, as September 5th is the re-opening date. Please keep Brightland Nursery and primary school in your prayers and for the children from underprivileged homes.


     Demands to bring the gospel to more villages are coming to my office weekly. It is true the field is ripe but laborers are few. At times I feel as if two years to too long to get workers into the vineyard, but when you look upon the intensity of the training, you will bear with me that two years are even too short. Keep us in your prayers as we pray and make decisions where we can go first to preach, teach, and establish a congregation.


         We say thank you from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of the students, staff, and all those connected to this work here in Cameroon. We are thanking God daily on your behalf for all that He is doing to us through you. He will replenish and you will never lack. Thank you very much and God bless you.   

Do your best to share our reports with others.   

Elangwe and family 

By His grace director of BVBIC-Wotutu

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Posted on August 8, 2016 .