Chimala campaigns results in 40 baptisms!

The Chimala Bible Institute Evangelism team has been busy with their annual Gospel Chariot campaigns. The Gospel Chariot is a large, red truck which travels all over eastern Africa doing evangelism outreach. Each year, the Gospel Chariot comes to Tanzania in the month of August. CBI has arranged its schedule to utilize the students during the campaigns so that they can learn how to do effective house-to-house evangelism as well as having more capable evangelism workers in the field.

This year has already been successful year. The first village that the Gospel Chariot has held a campaign is a village called Maninga.  During each day, the students conduct house-to-house evangelism in the morning through mid-afternoon. Then, there is some preaching on the truck platform. Later in the day, there is a movie shown about Christ and then more preaching later that evening.  This method of evangelism is showing to be very effective.  In fact, during the week of evangelism at Maninga, there were 40 baptisms in one week!

The next location for the CBI students and evangelism team will be Vwawa which is close to the Zambia border. Let us pray for their continued success in preaching the Gospel as well as for the new converts in Tanzania.

Because of the Cross,


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Posted on August 8, 2016 .