Prayer requests from Tanzania

The Week of July 24: 

We apologize for not sending out a report last week. We had very little internet last week. We spend several days at Habari’s office to get this taken care of. On August 2 the internet issues were finally taken care of. There are a few things that we need to make you aware of: 

    .    1)  Cy, the director of the work, has been notified that his Leukemia is back. We are not sure how long this will set him back. However, at the end of this month, we will be the only missionaries here until the Maynard’s get back in December/January. So, please pray for Cy and his recovery. Also, be sure to pray for the fundraising success of the Maynard’s. They are actively working with the farming project at ACSOP and are desperately needed.

    .    2)  Last Saturday we were able to attend the “evangelism meeting” and discuss the work with many of the local preachers. As you know there was campaigning efforts in Njiro a few weeks back. These young Christians need our prayers. The Njiro congregation is a young congregation, yet are doing fantastic. We have worshipped with them the past two Sunday’s and it has been a real joy. The preacher at Njiro is a student of ACSOP and does a fantastic job. We are looking into further opportunities to help this congregation grow in the future. After we work some of the details out, we will notify you of some of the plans we have for the future in Njiro.

    .    3)  Again, much time was spent preparing for classes at ACSOP. Classes actually begin on Monday--so this will bring some normality to our schedules.

The Week of July 31: 

We have been given the opportunity to buy a Landcruiser Prado from a church member and director of ACSOP. Our Rav 4 has done well, however, we are only able to drive it in town due to the bad roads elsewhere. So, we have been using Todd’s vehicle to do evangelism and to go meet with the local congregations. We are working on selling our car and buying the Landcruiser. The owner of the Prado is seeking to sell his vehicle to buy land. So, he has offered us two deals: 1) buy the vehicle outright for $16,000 or 2) trade our Rav 4 + $5,000 for the Prado. We are hoping to sell the Rav and only owe around $2,000-3,000 instead of $5,000. 

As mentioned, the quarter at ACSOP will begin on Monday. Pray for the teachers and students. This is an extremely important part of our work. Training men to preach the gospel is one of the most important things that we can do while in TZ. Next quarter, I will be teaching Greek IV and Revelation. Preparation for these classes will begin soon (the next quarter is only 6 weeks away). 

This week we have been blessed to study with several. Filbet was baptized into Christ during the Njiro campaign. However, he has missed worship services the past three weeks. On Saturday, we followed up with him and he has promised to come to Njiro church of Christ tomorrow. Please pray for Filbet. We have also been able to study with Alex and Vickie. Vickie has been studied with two times now. We have given her a Bible and she wants to study again on next Saturday. Today, she told us that she owned a business selling alcohol and that she wanted to change businesses to please God. We see this as a huge step in the right direction. 

Earlier in the week Todd was able to study with two other individuals who decided to be immersed into Christ. 

Haley and Mason Norman

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Posted on August 7, 2016 .