Graduation in Kenya


Greetings to you all, it's our prayer that our awesome God keeps you sound and healthy. At KSOP we are doing well and so thankful to have you as brethren and friends working together with God. 

Time really flies very fast, just a few years ago the idea of having preachers' training school in Kenya was born and it's amazing that we are just one week away from seeing our second graduation. 19 men will be graduating God willing and going to serve in the Kingdom. 

We dismissed one student for conducts not worthy of a christian after following the mandated procedure and we pray he will walk the talk as he promised to be faithful to God. 

The 19 have spent two worthy years in class and in the field being trained to be sound soul seekers and we have confidence they are up to the task ahead. 

During this year alone, these men have directly and indirectly been involved in 78 baptisms, 36 restorations, 3 churches planted. We are proud of their abilities and know they will better the first class to graduate. 

We are happy to also report that our first class graduates are actively involved in the Lord's work and have been taking part in gospel campaigns, you camps and training other future preachers. 

We still have room to improve and better the good that we are now. The school appreciate the brethren that have sacrificed their library books for the training school. Cy Stafford, thanks for giving KSOP all your Arusha home library. We are always lifting your name to God for complete healing. 

The library is still hungry for more books and we request all to consider being part of this school. We would be glad to even have bible software and install in some school computers. 

We are also not ceasing to pray for generous brethren to come to our rescue and help us buy land and build the school in an environment conducive for training of preachers and evangelism. 

It's a great honor for us to be workers together with God, reward awaits us above. We are happy to be working together with you to furthering the Kingdom of God, therefore do "grow weary". 

Keep us in prayers as we look forward to our second graduation on August 27.

His servant and yours, 

Charles Ogutu

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Posted on August 30, 2016 .