Weekly happenings in Mbanga, Cameroon

Beloved in the Lord, we sent our sincere salutation from this part of the Universe. We pray this week end report will meet you in good health and your family including the Big family of the most high God. As for us,we are doing great both with the school activities and the work of the Church.

The climate in Cameroon is still at the peak of the rainy season and we have even experienced flooding in some areas in our cities. Some congregations could not worship today in their usual worship house due heavy rains.    

We praise God for the week that passed on successfully with, even though with some hindrances as normal on like the 3 kids of bro Abraham who all were sick and hospitalized. We praise God that they were discharged last night and attended worship today. Some of the students have passed through the same situation.

The preacher and wife attended the summer youth retreat and returned home yesterday. So have all the students who went out for field work have come back home with grace.

We thank you so much for your support and prayers God bless us this week as westarted with a new work in Njombe. The church in this locality closed her doors some years ago, but in every situation there are always some remnants. Bro Solo and family started worshiping last week in their home through the help of the Director who has gone there with some students on several occasion to encourage the remnants in that locality.

My beloved in the Lord,we miss our pictures this week but I will retrieve them with in the week.

Thanks for your great concern.

Your brother,

Ititi Benedict Nimending

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Posted on August 16, 2016 .