Major project at ACSOP

Over the next few weeks, our reports will be much different. Lots of time is spent in preparation and also in teaching. However, we want to continue to send out reports informing you about what’s going on. Unfortunately, many only see a week full of baptisms as successful. However, I want to remind you that by supporting the work in TZ, you are helping train preachers who can in return teach and baptize more people than I could ever reach by myself. Our evangelism efforts will still continue--they are vitally important. However, please remember the importance of training men to preach the Gospel (cf. 2 Timothy 2:2).

I have been working on two major projects. First and foremost, I have formulated a resource guide to Galatians. This guide is 40 pages and includes a general outline to the book, detailed handouts regarding its structure, etc. This is meant to serve as a resource for the students at ACSOP. Some of you may find it useful in the States as well. I will attach the first lesson of five with the report this week. If you would like a copy of the rest of the lessons, let us know and I will get it out to you by email.

Secondly, I have been spending significant time in final Greek translations for Greek III and IV at ACSOP. Many do not see the importance of learning or teaching Greek. However, we are using these classes as a means of translating the text of the Bible and primarily teaching these students how to exegete the scriptures. In essence this will help serve as a safeguard to help them avoid being swayed by false doctrine in the future. Any tool that we can provide the students is obviously a step in the right direction. Projects in the future include formulating a similar guide to the book of Revelation. Misinterpretations of the book of Revelation are likely more responsible for false doctrine than any other book in the NT. Thus, a guide for the book is needed.

Preacher’s Wives Meeting:

Haley has been preparing to teach on Joseph at the next meeting. She will first teach the ladies and then teach them how to teach the children the story of Joseph. 

In Him,

Mason and Haley Norman

Posted on August 16, 2016 .