Ukrainian brethren press on despite hardships

Hello, dear brothers and sisters, friends.

This month has been special both for me and my family due to several trips, meeting new friends and visiting with old ones, and ministry in various places in Ukraine.

1. Ministry to Christians in Gorlovka.

The war in the Eastern part of our country still continues. The most numerous cases of shelling in this region remain to be in Gorlovka and its outskirts, Avdeevka and Mariupol direction. The Ukrainian army proceeds very slowly reclaiming a street after street in the occupied villages surrounding Gorlovka. But, as the witnesses say, after such intense battles these villages turned into ruins not suitable even to restore. Not only these villages suffer because of these battles but also the city, Gorlovka. I enclose several pictures of the latest ruins that happened after the shelling on July 10.

The daily losses among the Ukrainian soldiers were so numerous that in the middle of the month the government was ready to announce the war state in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions beginning at August 1. The passing of power into the hands of the military generals had to activate the number of battles, which in turn would make the trips to the occupied territories much more difficult. We are carefully following all the news concerning this situation. It seems, in the following weeks the war state will not be announced yet.

Every day I call the Christians who stay in Gorlovka as well as those who left it. I conduct Bible classes and worship services by phone. We are looking forward to the end of the war conflict, coming of peace and reestablishing of the legal government on the now occupied territories.

I am planning to visit Gorlovka in the beginning of August to be able to conduct Bible classes and worship services, meetings at homes and to do other work for the Lord there. I know you have been praying for my every trip there, and I am very grateful to you and our Lord for this. Please, keep me in your prayers this time also.

2. Ministry in the Kiev region.
This month I have been preaching both in Kiev and in Bila Tserkva on Sundays.

In Kiev together with the brothers from Shevchenko district Church of Christ we have been preaching in the streets, passing the Christian literature and invitations to the people.

In Bila Tserkva we continue to serve in the regional oncological hospital. Every time we tell the patients that they have to worry not only about their physical recovery but also about the salvation of their souls and eternal life. We are happy that these people appreciate our concern and care for them, and also the Word of God that we preach in every ward.

3. The Bear Valley Bible Institute.

It has been a great honor for me to work in the Bible institute. Now during the summer break together with Alexei Mitskutis I went to the Dnepr region with the purpose to find new students for the Institute and also to spiritually strengthen the local Christians. On July 22-24 Alexei and I visited the rehabilitation center in Pokrovka where men with various addictions are contained. We conducted several Bible classes there. On Sunday I preached in the Church in Nikopol and in the new congregation in Dnepr. During these several days we were able to meet new friends and make new contacts.

4. The family summer camp Amerikraine.

The wonderful event of this month for us was the participation in the Christian family camp Amerikraine. The organizers of the camp did a great job of planning every day of the camp activities. This time the camp lasted a week and hosted almost 300 people. During the camp 7 people obeyed the gospel in baptism. There were also quite a few families that came from the occupied territories. For them this time in the camp was a wonderful opportunity to forget all shocks and hardships when they heard Bible lessons, and wonderful fellowship helped them receive consolation and cheer up. I can say the same about me and my family. And we are very grateful to the organizers and sponsors of this wonderful activity.

We also thank brothers and sisters in Christ who donated money for my work in the occupied Gorlovka. This aid helped local brothers and sister survive the hard times and not starve. Every time the Christians in Gorlovka receive the support money from you they thank the Lord and you for your love and remembering them in their time of need. May God richly bless you in everything. You are always in our hearts and prayers.

In His service,


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Posted on August 1, 2016 .