Continued growth in French Cameroon

Greetings from this part of the world, hope you all had a good and interested worship today. BothMbanga and her sister congregation in Sancho were blessed to add a soul into His Kingdom. Praise be to God. Our congregation welcome a lot of visitors today and most of them are paying interest to continued coming and subsequently becoming candidates for baptism. 

The students are doing their best with evangelism in and out of Mbanga. Some congregations are fully depending on our students for worship: some of them are made up only with sisters and some are a couple of old people. This is the church in French Cameroon and my cry is that we should have more students next take in

I am happy to inform you of our new born babies in the lord both physically and spiritually. Brother Ename Paul's wife was put to bed to give birth to a baby boy this morning. What a blessed child that is born on the first day of the week! On the same line, with great amount of joy, we are proud to inform you that God added to the Church another precious soul. What a great week! Please do not sleep without praying for these new born babies.

   Week end evangelism is still going on and some of our students are still out traveling many miles to Mbanga. We are still very comforted with evangelism which is a powerful tool in missions. We shall be preparing for our special trip to the prison.

Students are doing great in their studies with their end of quarter results. By the special grace of God we shall begin worship in Njombe preparation is going on. Keep this in your prayers.

Your brother,


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Posted on August 1, 2016 .