Wotutu Cameroon is a spiritual hotspot for many outreaches that are bringing many into the knowledge of Jesus Christ and in contact with His cleansing blood.

Dearest in Christ,

        Greetings from this part of the globe , where we are doing our best daily to be on the Lord side and to make others to see the right directions and to be on His side as well.

     We do hope this report finds you in good health , we keep you in our prayers about your love for the work here and the spreading of the gospel of Jesus in our native lands.

       Last week were busy with , evangelism in different locations with students and staff. By the grace of God as I write this report we are all home on campus ready to start the third quarter that leads to the fourth and last quarter for the GAMMA BATCH students , keep praying as they put their heads down to fully equipped themselves as they prepare for full time ministry  in different locations around Cameroon.

      Let me share with you some pictures .

   Pic 1

        Our students were out for 9 days doing house to house evangelism from one village to another and also from towns to towns . Sharing the saving message ,meeting people in their home .

    PIC 2

        House to house evangelism , making the Lord known to many as we share the gospel leaving behind tractsfrom mission printing ,which is making known the Lord to many .

    PIC 3

          Brother Hilary , sharing the good news , because EVANGELISM IS OUR MISSION AND OUR MISSION IS EVANGELISM.

    PIC 4

      We trained our students to point the truth in an open Bible to our prospects , it is a tradition here and we pray and hope that our students will develop their ministries using this method ,.

   PIC 5

      Sister Bih Seraphine obeyed the gospel in Azimotel street congregation .

   PIC 6

     God bless this mission work this time, as a new dynamic congregation was established in azimotel street , please keep this congregation in your prayers as our responsibility are growing we need to send students to conduct worship every week , we shall be sending different students till November where we shall graduate this GAMMA batch , our student Tangolem Hilary as humble as he is , is the brain behind this .Keep this work in your prayers.


   PIC 7

        Grace obeyed the gospel in Azimotel congregation also , this congregation will grow as long as we continue to invest on evangelism in that area.

     PIC 8

     These two little girls are attending Brightland Christian Academy , last two months their mother started worshipping and got baptized , today they brought their father to worship ,it is amazing how God can pass through children to make known His word , we are passing the gospel through these kids to reach their parents and it is working.We started studies with him today and hopefully we shall help him be like us.

   PIC  9

        In Brightland Christian Academy , we are getting into the lives of many , we have the nursery and primary school , we have the Adult literacy classes and we are dreaming of the secondary college now which as all things remain , we are intending to start this September , please pray towards this dream , we are targeting girls and women in the villages who have the mind to go to school but the means is not there as you can see our wotutu congregation have many of those girls and young ladies of school going age ,but no fund for them to make it to school , our schools can be of great help if we are fully established .You can partner with us to realized this dream , so that all ages will be influenced by what the school is doing to the kids , adult during their adult literacy classes and also the secondary school that is suppose to come , a greater population and almost all ages will be under our influence and more impact will be created ,come join us.


   PIC 10

       Our mission printing tracts are getting into fertile hands , this brother became converted because of this mission printing tracts and he is taking it to his community to share with many ,who are interested ,more impact is being created from the things God is blessing us with.Keep us in your prayers as we meet many people who are reading the mission printing tracts and doors and many doors are being open for study.

 PIC 11

      Today was another great day in the life of my family , as God;s blessings was full in our hands , God blessed us without another healthy son two weeks ago , it was through CS that our third child came to us as the others also , today after worship , he was presented to the congregation and a prayer was offered to him for us and the congregation to bring up this boy to know God and to make Him known in his entire life on earth , that is our prayers. Keep him in your prayers NDINGI STEVEMARX ELANGWE , his first name NDINGI from my dialect means LIKENESS, we like what God is doing in our lives , the challenges were too much ,within that period as my father at the age of 72 was sick also many thanks to God today he was in worship, my wife is recovering well from the CS and my father and many in my home who were sick are taking their treatment , keep my sister inlaw Ruth in your prayers also for she is sick.

   PIC 12

     I am standing on the Land that the secondary school department of Brightland will be constructed , we are really hoping that it works out this September as many continue to seek admission for their kids to the school , we have a 2000 square meters , right for the government to approve for the running of the school , please keep praying as we look forward to erect even a temporal building to start with . The land is less than 200 meters from the present Brightland and less than 60 meters from my home and less than 400 meters from the church hall in wotutu, so every of our ministries are just close to each other .

     Share this with others as we look forward and unto our God for help, we are using education to preach the gospel to the communities .

     The kids of Brightland Christian orphanage are doing well in health and they are on holidays now , but brightland Christian academy , is starting summer holiday classes tomorrow , we shall enroll these  children , so that they will develop a little bit before school resumes in September ,please continue to pray for the brightland Christian orphanage home as these children continue to get care that they were not suppose to get anywhere since they loss their parents , this home is just there at the right place giving hope to these children , you need to visit the home and see how they will use their young voices to sing to the Lord , say memory verses ,and many others ,a visitor visited the home yesterday and went out shading tears ,because he was thrill by the potentials that are in these children , he asked many questions about the vision about the home and was pleased that is a Christian home , that after the children can eat physical food , they will also eat the spiritual food that last and take them to eternity , NURTURING FOR ETERNITY is the motto and they children can recite this daily and quote the Bible passage that guide both them and all the staffs of the home , we nurture to keep these children alive , so that as long as they live they will live for the Lord , that is our vision and we are not leaving any stone unturn to see that this vision is seen in their lives and in their daily living , please keep praying because these home is also giving us opportunity to share gospel messages and mission printing tracts to visitors in this home . These children are here and they don,t have any explanation to give why they are orphans ,thanks be to God for the home and all those who are praying and making the home be a home for these children.God bless you as you think about them and pray for them. 13 kids are under our care daily.


       Number of locations ================================== 21 villages and towns

       Number of students involved=========================== 21

       Number of staffs involved    ====================== ======= 4

      Number of baptismrecorded   ===========================  23 souls

Number of restorations   ===================================== 15 souls

 Number of new congregation established    ========1 ( Azimotel street , attendance today 27 souls.

Number of mission printing tracts    ============================ 58 CARTONS OR BOXES

   More congregations are strengthen ,and are applying for students to come full time.


     WE are planning evangelism in Bonjongo area this month .

    Our annual Bible lectureship of the churches of Christ in Cameroon is coming up in November


      God bless you for all you are thing towards the work here, we thank God daily on your behalf , thank you for your love for the gospel here in wotutu and the entire country of Cameroon.


     Please pray for those sick here, climate change is disturbing many now.

   Please pray for the coming to light of the BRIGHTLAND CHRISTIAN COMPREHENSIVE COLLEGE ,WOTUTU, if this dream can come true this September.

     We will be happy if you share this reports with others.

     Elangwe and family

     By His grace director BVBIC-wotutu.



Posted on July 3, 2016 .