Weekend work is bearing fruit in Cameroon

Greetings from Cameroon and from Mbanga in particular. I hope this message meets you in good health, both physically and spiritually. Special greetings to that one big family across the seas and the oceans; I hope you have a nice week just as some of us here are doing pretty good.

      Beloved in the Lord we are happy to share our report to you again this week end with a lot of enthusiasm because the Lord is doing great things in our lives and in His church. Thanks to you for prayers that come from all over the world. When I begin to see some changes, I always remember one of my famous topic "prayers changes things".

      Our worship today in Mbanga was really good with a powerful sermon from one of our students who presented all the various parts of homiletic with the text been drawn from Matt. 11:28-30.  Some of the invitees who have been having follow up during week end evangelism were present. By His grace some of them will be added to the church some day due to the discussion we had after worship in my office. Paul planted, Apollos watered, and God gives the increase.

       Weekend evangelism is improving both in and out of Mbanga and we are still having lots and lots of congregations that are calling on us to come and we have to attend to the Macedonian call. Our young congregation in Sancho is growing with young converts and prospects, as you can see from the photograph.

            The school is going on and the students are picking up with their preparation for their graduation. Our students are doing great work in the congregations during their field work and week end evangelism. The congregations in Cameroon have started enjoying the fruits of the school of preaching in French speaking Cameroon just like in the English speaking. Glory be to God. We really pray to have more students by next batch.

           Up coming events: We are planing to begin worship by next month in Njombe, which is a town next to Mbanga. We are also planning to attend the summer youths retreat early next month with the students and also the marriage enrichment seminar with the marriedstudents and their wives. The campaign is also coming up early September. Please commit these activities in your prayers.


Ititi Benedict Nimending

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Posted on July 24, 2016 .