The preachers in Togo have been busy!

The first Monday of each month is Kpalimearea preachers meeting. I have always tried to be in their midst during these meetings. They meet to discuss pertinent issues confronting the churches they lead and find solutions for them. This particular meeting was to discuss the annual bible camp in December and how to call all the congregations to cultivate corn to be used to feed the members during the camp. The occasion was used to find a general theme, topics, speakers and venue. Such meetings are used to draw strength from each other. The team spirit among the preachers accounts for the rapid growth of the church in the Kloto region.

Cephas is the Principal of BVBI in Kpalime and assists me with the day to day running of the school. We have been working with the school since its inception in 2005.


David preaches for the Church of Christ that meets at Kpodzi. Apart from his preaching responsibilities, he is also the farm manager for BVBI vegetable farm project. The crops are doing well but the water is rather too much for them. We needed water but now have more than the crops need. 


Our biggest challenge since the inception of the school in 2005 has been how to support our preacher’s after they have left school. This continued until recently we decided to introduce ICT into our training program. All the eleven students are taking advantage of this program in order to be self- supporting preachers in the future. In view of this innovation, we have extended the school calendar to two and half years instead of the usual two years. The extension will help to complete both the bible and Ict programs before graduation.

Willie Gley

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Posted on July 22, 2016 .