VBS, farming, and new workers in Tanzania


The agriculture work that we are doing in Arusha continues to go very well and the corn is nearing harvest time. Soon our days will be filled with that task. Our new cow house is coming along and we are looking forward to the finished product.

We welcomed new teammates at the beginning of this month, Todd and Susan Storks. We are thankful to have them here and are looking forward to serving the Kingdom together. 

VBS was held at Kisongo Kanisa la Kristo the last week of June. The topic this year was Paul and the women covered 4 stories on 4 different nights. Each night brought more children and they topped out around 100. Anna, Susan, Haley, and Tiffany have been great teammates so that the 3 VBS’s this month have run smoothly and been fun for everyone. 

However, in true Africa fashion everything couldn’t go without a hitch. On the second night of VBS Justin and Daudi literally had to rip the door handles off the front door and kick the door in so that we could enter the building. Here, if it isn’t one thing it is always another. But, it makes for good stories. 

We have had the privilege of having Avery Hackney in our home for the last week. He is here from the States doing personal evangelism in Njiro Chini. Last week one of his studies resulted in the woman choosing to be baptized. We are thankful for Avery’s visit and his work for the Kingdom.

Anna finished up the series she and Tiffany had been doing for the monthly preacher’s wives meetings. Next month, they will begin new topics led by the new missionary wife, Susan Storks. Pray for these studies and these women. 

Also, thanks to all of you and your generosity Anna was able to organize a large resource room. All of you have donated more than 500 lbs worth of crafts and materials for children’s Bible classes and we have been blown away by your kindness.

Next Saturday, the 23rd, Lord willing we will be conducting our monthly children’s seminar. Please keep this work in your prayers. Last month we did not have a children’s seminar because of the campaigns and because Jane, the wife of Desdery, (the couple who help us conduct these seminars) had a baby! They have 3 precious girls Martina, Moureen, and Melissa and last month they added a BABY BOY to their family! We are so happy for them and cannot wait to share pictures. We were also happy to learn that the newest additions name is Justin! We think it is a good name.

In Christian love,

Justin and Anna Maynard

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Posted on July 15, 2016 .