French Cameroon Needs More Laborers

The Lord is merciful to His faithful ones. Cameroon is doing great accept greetings from this part of the globe.We are happy to report again this week for the week was marvelous with no great event most especially as every body is in good health both in the student milieu and at Church.

      Oh beloved the work is growing and the needs for help in many congregations in french speaking Cameroon is increasing and we just keep on struggling to how we can fit our help in nurturing these assemblies some of them will just one or no brother who can help in preaching the gospel to the Church and to the lost ones out side.The work is much but the laboures are very few.We sent students out every week and by His faithful grace, they will come back with very positive result.

       Our week end evangelism to various congregations was successful last week end with a soul that was lost and has found his way. A sister was restored today with the help of a student who visited this assembly.lets commit her into our prayers.

       Students and staff of the the Bvbic-mbanga resume classes last week Monday and every body answered present both the students and staff including the new courses on Greek language and Computer studies. The work load for the students is increasing every day,they are also engage in project writing,but we have trained them to be strong Cameroonians even though not really easy but they shall do their best. Graduation is fast approaching with less than nine months we shall be graduating our first batch of students from Mbanga Cameroon it shall be a great day,come 03-2016.We need to empower our students before they go to the field. We can begin preparing our graduation gift in kind or in cash.Remain blessed

           Our congregation visited bro Mamoudou Estephane today and ans also visited some berrieved families and our worship was really good.

       Thanks for this wonderful week and we pray for another successful one.

Posted on July 10, 2016 .