Preparing Soil and Souls in Mbanga Cameroon

Greetings from this part of the world and from a lot of members from that big one family in which we all belong.great is the Lord and is greatly to be praised.God is been praised today in some interior part of Cameroon where our students could get there for evangelism.

         There after some evangelismcampaigns in local areas,we come to realized that the present of the french school of preaching in Cameroon is creating a great impact with very positive result,praise the Lord all-mighty.

         Its time for another campaign and this time around we have covered some five suffering assemblies a few among the rest in french speaking Cameroon were we will have to support our students with all most every thing necessary for his trip because these assemblies will no be able to cover these expenses.Very few in number there are with may be no side for worship but in some Christians premises in which with the past experience,this has never been the best ideas.Church in these localities will always face retard in growth.

         We had a very nice time with our Coordinator David Ballard who taught the students in Mbanga the book of Romans which really enrich the students before their trip to different fields for mission work.We pray you come over for voluntary service to come help the students with the best you can so that together we can change french Cameroon and why not the world at large.May God bless as think and put things into consideration.

      Our school was blessed to host the coordinator of the Healing hands international by the person of bro Ebenezer all the way from Kenya.We had a two day seminar with the students of Mbanga and Wotutu including some members of congregations and some people from around Mbanga who also paid interest in studying some agricultural methods in farming.The seminar took place on the 20th and 21st of June 2016 at the Church premises,and the second part of the seminar was the practicals which took place at our future school location which is located some miles away from the present side but thanks to the wotutu school bus that was helping to transport all the participants.Keep on praying for this brother and his work.

     The kingdom of God is blessed last week with a precious soul that was added in it.this was during the studies of the Roman road of salvation that has no pot holds and this lady who has been a baptist for so long and after period of studies,she decided to obey nothing but the truth may the name of God be sanctified. He who wins souls is wise and the added to His Church daily such as they were saved.

           Oh how time flies with little or no time we shall be graduating our first batch of students in Mbanga,the evangelism campaign will endon the 3rd and school will resume on the 4th of June which will mark the end of the 5th quarter and the beginning of the 6thquarter meaning in less than no time we shall be preparing for graduation.We shall begin with the term paper this quarter,and by next quarter preparations for graduation by His grace.

       Dearest in the Lord,we appreciate all what you are doing for the school,the churches of Christ in Cameroon and the community at large.keep up beloved do not give up and may God keep on replenishing your effort in Jesus name (AMEN)  

Posted on June 28, 2016 .