The School In Nigeria Prepares For The World Bible School Seminar...

Beloved in Christ Jesus,

Greetings from the staff and students of the Bear Valley Bible Institute Nigeria, Southwest School of Evangelism, and my co-WBSFUW in the Western state of Nigeria.

Glory and honor be unto the Almighty God who has brought us to the end of the 3rd semester in BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan.

All year two students and some year one students performed excellently during our Practicum (Practical Homiletics).

Our students will embark tomorrow in two weeks of vocational studies in Ibadan, Lagos, and Osun states. Fourth semester classes begin, Lord willing, on May 16, 2016 through July 15, 2016.

World Bible School Seminar: We are organizing a two day WBS seminar in Ibadan on May 14 that will be held at the auditorium of the church of Christ, Onikokoro / Gbongudu Sooko road between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm and on May 18 at Butubutu village junction Butubutu, Ona-Ara Local Government between 3:30 - 6:30 pm. Free gospel literature (VOTI vol. 87, WBS course on “How to Get to Heaven,” etc.) to all participants. The  theme of our discussion is “How To Get To Heaven” with three sub-topics: “Heaven & Hell,” “Steps unto Heaven,” and “Worship of the New Testament Church.”

Free Registration and Feeding Leadership Seminar 2016 @ BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan: In preparation for the upcoming Leadership Seminar of May 23-27 at our main campus in Butubutu, we have painted the three unpainted blocks (Male hostel, Guest & Director quarters, and lastly the Female hostel). We also constructed another ten benches and desks for the classes.

Reports From My Coworkers: Brother Abiola Joseph Olusoji reported the conversion of a soul. Brother Dairo Joseph Abiodun reported that they just began their quarterly lectureship at the Ota congregation in Ogun state, and brother Ezekiel Okoh reported the restoration of a soul at the Iyana-Ipaja congregation in Lagos, while brother Matthew Adeyemi reported the conversion of two souls at Lusada town where he is presently ministering. Brother Ajiteru Olufemi, one of the graduates of our school reported the conversion of four souls (Adeola Temidayo, Onyedika Benjamin, Uche Joseph, and Ajakaiye Oladapo Jacob) in the month of April.

Our Challenge: I have been using my Toyota Rav 4 to convene the students, staff, and co-WBSFUW to the venues of our weekend evangelism & gospel campaigns since January 2016 when our school van finally broke down. In order for the task before us to be lighter and effective, I have disposed my plantain plantation at Tadi village for the sum of N500,000 and deposited the funds with a motor dealer in Ibadan on Wednesday to get us a better three seater van that will be useful for our rural and urban evangelism. I will need another N500,000 to balance up whenever that dealer has the van that is good for evangelism.

Beloved, we thank you all for your partnership. You are all in our prayers.

Thanks and God bless.

Sincerely His & yours,
Makinde Ebens (Minister)

Posted on May 1, 2016 .