Full-Time And Full-Speed Ahead...

Prayer Request: Please continue to pray for strength and healing for Evie Graber (and her family) and Cy Stafford (and his family), while they endure difficult health challenges. We know how much they appreciate your prayers. We will provide updates as we receive them. Thank you for remembering these great servants of the Lord.

The next graduating class at the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver will complete their studies in just a few weeks. We are nearing the end of the journey for several men who are anxiously waiting to begin full-time service in the Lord’s Kingdom. We are excited for each of them and we pray God will work through them to influence many souls for the Lord. As this school year ends, we prepare for another class of students who arrive for classes in August. Please pray for our graduates and our incoming freshman who will begin the journey in just a few months.

The extension program is moving along at full-speed. The reports from several locations provide encouraging news about the growth and development of students who prepare themselves for service in the Kingdom. We consider it a great honor and privilege to share in the journey with them, as they work towards the goal of completing their studies. Based on the lives that are changed while they are in school, we know these men will continue to affect the souls of hundreds and thousands more after they complete their training.

Do not forget to update your files to include Keith Kasarjian. He needs to receive your reports, and if there is information to discuss regarding the extension program, please write Keith. He now serves as the new director of the extension program. His email address is kkasarjian@wetrainpreachers.com

Now on to this week’s incredible reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is http://www.wetrainpreachers.com/extension-schools/

Extension Reports

The Importance Of Prayer Highlights The Need In Wotutu, Cameroon: Brother Elangwe preaches on the importance of prayer and its affect on the work in Cameroon.

Weekend Evangelism Produces Fruit Near Mbanga, Cameroon: The development of students in their second year of training indicates good training as souls are added to the kingdom.

The Value Of Campaigns Explained For The Work In Zambia: The report from Zambia provides a powerful explanation as to the benefits of campaign work.

The Use Of Technology Expands The Work In Cambodia: Director, Phanat Ouch, benefited from the use of technology to encourage brethren around the world.

A Stand For Truth Brings Praise From An Older Generation In Kenya: While preaching in a recent campaign, students witnessed the division truth can bring.

After A Successful Lectureship In Guatemala, A New Class Begins: After concluding the annual ITL lectureship, a new class of students begin their journey in study.

The School In Nigeria Prepares For The World Bible School Seminar: While focusing on studies, the staff and students of BVBIN prepare for a major seminar in Nigeria.

An Impressive Quarter Of Study With Students At ACSOP: As the second quarter of the year closes, staff at the ACSOP are impressed by the work accomplished by students.

Everyone Prepares For The Upcoming “Safari For Souls” Campaign: The season approaches for an exciting campaign year in Arusha, Tanzania.

The Agricultural Development Of The Program In Arusha Is Exciting: As agricultural development increases, the school and community in Tanzania benefit.

Final Thoughts
A closing note of thanks: the expression of our gratitude often seems trite, but please know that our continual efforts to thank you are sincere. We know how much you are willing to sacrifice to help this work grow. We also know that without you we could not see the success of this program. Working side-by-side with God and you makes this a joyous work indeed. Thank you!

God bless

Posted on May 1, 2016 .