A Prayerful Week Needed...

Prayer Request: We ask you to pray fervently for the family of Isaiah Suwari. While traveling to share news about the opening of the school in Zimbabwe, brother Suwari was killed in an accident. Plans for the new school involved his role as director of the program in Zimbabwe. His wife and two year old son need the strength of our Lord to help them find comfort and peace during this time. Please remember his family and the future of the work in Zimbabwe.

Students in Denver are now in full-swing with the final quarter of the school year before their break during the summer months. During graduation next month, we will witness eight men complete their studies and enter the ministry. We experience mixed emotions during this time. We are always sad to see students leave, but we are also glad to know they are entering into the work of the Lord’s kingdom. Please pray for these men as they finalize their studies over the next few weeks and prepare to leave Denver and begin the work in a new place.

News from various extension schools this week also provides encouragement. The reports below share news about numerous souls who were added to the kingdom. The work of these men throughout their weekend evangelistic campaigns is exciting. It would be interesting to know how God works through each of these situations and the number of lives influenced by the individuals who come to the Lord. The web of influence that spreads through this work must literally reach hundreds, if not thousands, of people every week. How exciting!

Please remember to pray for the development of the work as new schools finalize plans to train men to preach. Pray for the Suwari family. Remember our brother Cy Stafford as he continues to gain strength in preparation for further treatment. 

Now on to this week’s incredible reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is http://www.wetrainpreachers.com/extension-schools/

Extension Reports

Making To Dismantle The Kingdom Of Satan: After a weeklong campaign in Cameroon, students continue their studies in preparation to dismantle the kingdom of Satan.

Students Begin The First Quarter Of The Second Year In Mbanga: Growth is experienced, lectureship completed, and students are continuing to study in the last year of the program.

Souls Were Added To The Church In Ukraine: While students continue their studies in Ukraine, news this weeks indicates the local church is growing as souls were added to the kingdom.

The Work In Nigeria Continues To Experience Growth: From preaching out each weekend to personal evangelism, the work in Nigeria grows and the news is encouraging.

So Many Reasons To Rejoice With The Work In Tanzania: The report this week from the Maynard family emphasizes the evangelism in Arusha, sharing reasons to rejoice.

Final Thoughts
A big thank you to each of you. Your involvement in the Bear Valley program is a key reason behind the success of the work. We pray you are encouraged by the progress of the work. We also ask you to pass along the news to others you know that might be encouraged by reading the news each week. 

God bless

Posted on April 3, 2016 .