Exciting, Encouraging, And Powerful News...

Prayer Request: Cy Stafford was able to leave the hospital last week. Doctors treated the infection early and Cy gains strength each day. He has another round of chemo-therapy scheduled in a few weeks. Please pray that he continues to improve. Also, remember Stephanie and their family as they endure this time together.

Prayer Request: Evie Graber, daughter of Randy and Robin Martin, was recently diagnosed with cancer after a tumor was removed from her brain. Evie’s husband, Christopher, is a minister with the STC congregation in Minnesota and Evie serves as the secretary. They await specific plans for treatment as they move through this process in the months ahead. Christopher and Evie have five young children and the STC congregation oversees the work in Wotutu, Cameroon. Please remember them in prayer.

After a week of research, students in Denver return to the classroom Monday moving into the last month of school before graduation. Several men and their families will complete the program and enter the work of ministry. We are thankful for the wonderful two years we were able to share with them in this journey of learning. We ask you to pray with us on their behalf that God will bless their ministry in His service.

News this week is encouraging. Several locations sent reports about the work accomplished over the last week. We delight in reading about souls obeying the gospel and the restoration of others returning to the Lord’s kingdom. As you read through one or all of the reports below, our prayer is that you are encouraged and uplifted by reading how the hand of God continues to bless the efforts of these brethren. 

We also excited about the continued development of the program of extension training. New schools prepare to open in Liberia, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, and Fiji. The start-up of schools in these locations will strengthen the number of men training to preach the gospel in their own culture. Other locations are on the horizon as the program continues to grow. Your prayers are appreciated as we strive to glorify God through the training of men to preach.

Please remember to update your files to include Keith Kasarjian to receive reports, or to discuss information regarding the extension program. Keith is the new director of the extension program. His email address is kkasarjian@wetrainpreachers.com

Now on to this week’s incredible reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is http://www.wetrainpreachers.com/extension-schools/

Extension Reports

Children’s Program Grows And Souls Added To The Kingdom: The kingdom grows and the future of the church is bright as young people receive a biblical foundation in Cameroon.

Even The Devil Could Not Use An Accident To Stop Evangelism: Although it was a tough week for the brethren in Mbanga, Cameroon, evangelism moved forward and God blessed the work. 

Future Plans For Growth With The Work In Ukraine: With a bit of history, this week’s report shares plans for growing the work in Ukraine with a permanent location for the school.

New Prospects, Souls Added, And A Campaign Begins This Week: The work continues to grow and excite the brethren in Togo, as students reach out to those who need the gospel.

Excitement Is High As Students Near The First Graduation In Haiti: The end of the two-year journey nears and students prepare to graduate and enter the ministry.

Leadership Development Is The Focus Of An Upcoming Seminar In Nigeria: After a short-course in Leadership, brethren plan to focus on the subject for the work in Nigeria.

Farming Projects Prepare Students For Success In Tanzania: Farming projects aid the work in Arusha to help students learn how to provide for their families after school.

Children’s Seminar, Bible Studies, and Heavy Rain Make For An Interesting Day: The Maynard report shares information about the challenges of weather and ministry.

Final Thoughts
We continue to extend our gratitude to each of you for your sacrificial attitude in the development of the extension program. Your connection to the work at Bear Valley is changing lives eternally, here and around the world. We hope you continue to be encouraged by the exciting news shared each week.

God bless

Posted on April 24, 2016 .