A Gospel Chariot In Mtapa - March 13, 2016

The Chimala Bible Institute continues to move forward both in the school as well as evangelism. 

Mtapa Evangelism Report
This report came in from Joseph Haonga, our director of the Swahili program:  

“Greetings in the Name of our Mighty Lord, the following report is the report of evangelism campaign from March 4 – March 10 2016 conducted by students under the supervision of their respective teachers.  The Purpose of the Campaign was to enable students from our preaching school to learn the importance, weight and responsibility of conducting Bible classes door to door in order to build a strong church.  They conducted classes with non-believers, to restore the fallen away Christians and to encourage the live Christians to stay in faith.  In all areas where the campaign was conducted results were magnificent, the following are the main features of the results.

Students proved themselves to God and to us that they have chosen the right path. They worked so diligently, encouraging one another to keep on working for the whole week.  Every evening as they sat down to rest, they would remind each other of the significant verses, for example verses about baptism, repentance, one church and of the like subjects.  The teachers would always intervene when a student would misuse a scripture by helping students understand better the proper usage of those scriptures. Well, it did not take long before most of the students were able to manage those frequently used scriptures.  So to them it was a test and a class, they all got eager to spread leaders who at first proved to be barrier to the student.  In the end not many denominational leaders could stand in the way of our students in those villages.

We had nine (9) baptisms, three of which occurred at night, where by people who had taught earlier that day and warned of the danger to delay taking action after hearing the gospel, decided to be baptized that night they woke up students who were by then a sleep but took pleasure in having their rest cut short in order to welcome new souls to the Lord.”

Chad Wagner

Posted on March 13, 2016 .