An update from Chimala


Greetings, We thank God for all.  On behalf of CBI team, I’m taking this opportunity to thank you also for your prayer and support for the Lord’s work here at Chimala, Tanzania.

It was one of those Sundays when we arrived at the border with Xavier and other Local preachers. We met with two families who have been attending more than six months in the Church service but they were claiming that they are Christian because they were baptized in their denominations. In fact, one of them was very open that he had never heard the sound doctrine like what the church of Christ teaching.  When we explained to them about the church, salvation, and the work of baptism, three of them obeyed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and was born again. That moment was very great and wonderful to the church and to us all.

Secondly, we also had a wonderful trip and good fellowship worship at Sumbawanga. Attendance was twelve. The amazing thing was the joy we witnessed among the Christians! It was greater than at any time we have been there before.  We talked with the church and encouraged them not give up because of the decision of their preacher, who attended CBI Swahili program 2012-2013, to leave the church and try to join with a denomination four times. But at the end, the preacher said, “he doesn’t see any right doctrine except the Church of Christ.” Another good thing there is that one of our CBI graduates is living at Sumbawanga. He is helping them with one Secondary teacher from Forest Church of Christ-Mbeya and they are doing great job.

Third, it was a great week at Imezu church when eleven soul added to the Lord’s Church. They are doing well and they are still giving thanks for the great help of roofing the building. God bless you all for this great preaching action.

Last Sunday, we had great fellowship at Uyole. All congregations from around Mbeya and Usafwa was there -- about 9 Congregation.  Really, it was a wonderful and encouraging time with great edification.  Brother Peter Kamatula explained very well about the Bible school at Mbeya and how it differs from CBI. Some Christians were confused and had a misunderstanding of the program from some people who do not know well about those programs.  Also, I have received word that one soul was added to the Lord’s church in that program.  This makes the total number of baptisms to 15 souls!  According to what is going on around Mbeya, I have received request of staring Radio program if the funds will allow.

Lastly it was sad day yesterday at Mbozi – Vwawa congregation when an old man named Kamendu past away.  He was one of those who attended school of preaching at Kitekelo and was still worshiping with the church at Vwawa those several years.  I, Joshua Mwakyasima (Chimala Mission Hospital Chaplain/Evangelist) and Peter Kamatula (CBI teacher) went to the burial with preachers from Mbozi. We had an opportunity to preach about death, sin and false teachers.  We are very thankful for brother Chad for his love heart to enable us to be there and his willing desire to go with us although the time was hard for him to get prepared because we received very late the information.  The church at Mbozi were very thankful for us being there.

We still working for yearly report and getting preparing for the new year school in January 2017, by looking from you for those best students whom we interviewed them.

Thank God be with you all.

Joseph Haonga on behalf CBI Team

Posted on December 7, 2016 .