7th quarters completed in Mbanga, Cameroon

Dearest in the Lord,Greetings from Cameroon

Is really great to inform the Bear Valley family again after a successful graduation and annual lectureship that took place in Wotutu, in the presence of a lot of people both Christians and unbelievers from Cameroon, USA, Nigeria, and Gabon. By the grace of God, 5 souls were added into the kingdom of God and many others who had the opportunity to listen to the word of God.  We are happy because all the students from Mbanga were involved in the day to day evangelism which is the primary motive of our existence. "GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES"as you will see that as the motto of our school written in french "ALLEZ FAITES DES DISCIPLES".May His name be glorified.

We just finished our 7th quarter exams last Friday and we are going to conclude the last part of our short course this Thursday. By His grace, and immediately after exams, the students shall be traveling to various fields for an evangelistic campaign in several parts of this country. Two of the students shall be traveling to two separate parts of the Nord of Cameroon. Mamoudou Estephane will be going to Njola and Ngong congregations where he will take full time preaching after his studies in Mbanga, while Datouji Sylvanus will be going to Lagdo and Riao for a 20 day campaign. I wish we put these brethren in our prayers because our roads are really bad and these brothers are to use two days for this journey. The others will be going to our young congregations that we just established with in this period of two years.

The last quarter begins January 2nd and all our courses are already scheduled. The last course will be taught by Todd Crayton of the Frisco Church of Christ and he will be teaching Marriage and Family with all the wives of the married students. In March 2017 you are all invited,to attend this grand graduation that will be the first of its ind in French Cameroon .

The construction work in Mbanga is going on well and about 7000 blocks have already been made and this week will be the last week for the molding of blocks. By mid December, we shall commence with the foundation work. I shall be keeping you in touch as time goes on.

We thank the Bear Valley school in Denver and the Frisco and Pattonville congregations, and many others who are helping us to keep on doing the work of God in this part of the country. May God keep blessing us and give us the wisdom to go about this work.

Your brother,


Posted on December 4, 2016 .