Great news in Chimala!


    We are so very thankful to God and His great mercy for all that He continues to do for us here at Chimala. We see the seeds of growth growing and taking root in many aspects of our work here in Tanzania. We are also seeing the fruits of hard work and perseverance at the school at Chimala. One of the great blessings of God lately is the huge number of students expressing interest in attending school at Chimala.

As of today, we have 10 students who would like to start in January in the English program and we have 20+ who would like to start in January for the Swahili program. That would mean we would have almost 50 students at Chimala!  Many of these students have been waiting for a spot to open up to join the school. We have had to limit the number of students due to the lack of student support. However, we know that if God has brought them to us, He will bring us what we need to see it through. We know that you can help us meet the needs of these students and the church here in Tanzania.  It costs $125 to train a preacher student here at Chimala. We know that God can work through you as you partner with us here at Chimala. Why not take one in 2017??!!  


    We are very thankful to God for Richard and Carol Rogers coming to Chimala. We know that the Lord will bless them in their commitment to the work here at Chimala. They arrived a few weeks ago and have been fitting in nicely in the operation at Chimala. Willing to teach and preach, Richard has quickly become involved in everyday life here at Chimala. We are also thankful for his wife and her helpful attitude in the work at Chimala. May God continue to bless them in the work here.


CBI will soon have another graduation so we would like to share some of the thoughts of our students with you regarding CBI and the work in Tanzania. 

Alphonce Simion is one of our English graduates this year. He comes from Kyela which is on the border with Malawi. He is married with six children. He came to CBI for “further studies of God’s Word.” He also has this to say about CBI: “After graduation, I would like to be a teacher of the Gospel of Christ. CBI is my favorite place. The cooperation which I had with the teachers and the classes influenced me so very much in my studies at CBI. Also, the work that the missionaries are doing has been a big influence on me as well.”

As you can see, CBI is a great place to be. We will be featuring more students and their comments in the coming weeks.


May the God of all peace continue to bless us in our ministries and work. We know that He continues to bless the work at Chimala. We also ask that you continue to pray for the work at Chimala. We are enabled to do the work due to your prayers. 

Thank you,

Chad Wagner

Posted on November 3, 2016 .