Finals and graduation approaching in Cameroon

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from this end and join with us to appreciate God for the month of October which came with lots of blessings and challenges to us and the work in our hands.

We do hope this reports meets you in good health and a sound faith. Things are going on well here and lots of preparation for the end of year activities in Wotutu is going on in our congregation and the school of preaching.

       The last week long course successfully came to an end with revisions from different instructors. Greek language was one of the courses that came up twice during our schedule , we sacrificed spare time to make sure the students gather good knowledge from Greek . Keep them all in your prayers as they will start long courses final exams tomorrow  morning.

        Examination fever is common with some students in different institution, but our students are not scared for the final exams. Some students will refuse to do any other thing in other to have enough time to prepare for their exams, but our students because they think souls and weekend evangelism is very important in the life of the school. They were on a rough road where our van and small car cannot make it, so we drove to a reasonable distance where our van is safe, stopped, and continued the journey to save souls on a motor bike to reach Bova village, which is behind the Cameroon mountain.

Annual Bible lectureship, graduation, matriculation and celebration of the 10th anniversary of the wotutu congregation is almost here. The program remains 23-27 of November 2016 and all roads leads to Wotutu. Keep these programs in your prayers as we are expecting close to 5000 to 6000 people all over Cameroon.

Your brother,


BVBI-Wotutu, Cameroon

Posted on November 3, 2016 .