Classes resume in northern Ghana

Bear Valley Bible Institute, Ghana, Tamale

Monthly Report September

Thank God, so soon we are one month old in office of duty at Bear Valley Bible Institute, Tamale, Ghana. Kojo Acquah Beenyi, Ambassador, Francis Ayeni, Co-ordinator and Alex Jabado, Administrative Assistant.

School Resumes: The school was re-opened on September 19, 2016 and all the seven (7) students have reported. They are doing Homiletics II and is being taught by Alex Jabado.

General Cleaning: As the school vacated for four weeks, the compound became bushy and untidy so we organized a clean-up exercise to clear and clean the weeds and the compound. That is now planned to be a weekly affair to keep the environment clean.

Follow-up on past students: Francis and Alex visited two past students, Timothy at Yendi and Samuel at Tatali. We planned to visit Philip at Sabzugu but the river was full and we could not cross over. We also visited Ishmael who is a preacher at Kontobiyeli nearer to Sabzugu. Ishmael is not a past student but we plan to get all preachers involved in the ‘sweet fellowship’. We also did some campaigns to get new students for the school and we were assured of two.

Letter: A letter was received from the ladies requesting for the use of the school facility for lectureship from October 27 to 30, 2016. The school will be on vacation at that time and we have given them the go ahead to use the place which according to them, it will help them both spiritually and physically.

Self Help: Two trees are fallen at the compound, one was sold as firewood and the money was used to buy two coal pots of which the students can use for several months and also two bags of charcoal. 

First Meeting: The three new administrators met on the following needs and concerns of the school became known.

  1. The school needs 3 more cutlasses and 10 hoes
  2. There is leakage in the administration building and it is coming from the roofing.
  3. In the kitchen, rain water comes into the room because there are no louvers.
  4. Also the students’ beds need repairs and that some cannot by themselves stand while others can now house only one person instead of two.
  5. The Cupboards or the wardrobes has the lockers not working, some also has the doors detached. 
  6. Some of the windows also need ‘stoppers’ so that the rain do not flow in as it being the case when it rains.
  7. The bathroom walls need tiles or the walls and the foundation will be weakened.
  8. One of the toilets is out of use and the others need repairs. Right now Alex has bought items so they can be fixed. The total amount is 475 cedis, 50 pesewas. This is being done right now because it borders on health. 
  9. Wall coming down. Portion of the wall at the north side of the property is coming down as a result of the strong storm that took part of the roof off. Surely it will fall off someday, which mean it needs attention. 

May the Good Lord continue to bless us all.



Posted on October 3, 2016 .