KSOP begins a new batch with a full class!

Dear brethren, 

Greetings to you from the Kenya School of Preaching, Kisumu. 

The long awaited gamma class is has arrived and all 20 students are in school and settling to new environment, food, and life. 

The classes began well on October 3rd, Elias is teaching Genesis and Synoptic gospel. Bernard Kagaga will teach the New Testament Church while I am teaching the book of Acts, Homiletics 1 and English 1.

We have made changes in the school to create room for the library which is growing steadily. The changes have seen the dean and the secretary pushed to smaller space, but all is in the interest of giving quality training first priority. 

During the four years, 37 men have been sent into the Lord's field. Every class has been in the fore front of helping us effect good changes that keep making the school better. 

We trust this class will be better than the previous ones in class and evangelism. 

We also pray that this group will be involved in one gospel campaign at least once a year and help evangelize the local congregations every quarter to learn and gain experience. 

John Kimani who graduated this year August is already showing why the preaching is worth the sacrifices being made by generous brethren. Two weeks ago he planted a new church in Nyahururu town with 6 souls obeying the gospel. 

Paul Karisa sent me a text message thanking the school for the training which has enabled him to have bible studies with Muslims in Mombasa. 

Jeremiah Bor and two other former students Sammy and Kiplangat who also graduated in August helped to restore three churches to true worship. They are still pursuing other liberal churches in the hilly region of Rift Valley. 

Joseph Omondi, who graduated in the first class led a gospel campaign and reported five baptisms in the congregation where he is the preacher. 

Such exciting reports helps to add me gas to keep on keeping on. 

Lastly I thank the leadership of Tanzania Leadership Conference for the honor to speak at the conference on two assigned topics. 

It was great being with Keith Karsajian and having a chat with the very man who helped establish KSOP. 

It's an honor and great working with you. Keep my family in your prayers 

Brotherly Love, 

Charles Ogutu

Posted on October 10, 2016 .