The Potential For Growth Brings Exciting Future...

UPDATE: Please continue to pray for Cy Stafford and his family. News this week was discouraging as doctors did not give Cy much hope of surviving the day. At this point, Cy continues to fight for his life and the initial diagnosis of a perforated colon was a misdiagnosis. Treatment for Cy has started again. We give thanks and ask for your continued prayers for Cy and their family to endure the days ahead.

Students in Denver approach their midterm exams over the week ahead. This time is followed by a period of research where students focus on assignments for the six courses of the quarter. The past week was encouraging as chapel was filled with opportunities for students to put into practice their preaching skills. Listening to the improvement of these men as they continue to prepare themselves for preaching the gospel is an exciting part of the program in Denver.

The extension locations continue to report on the progress of students preparing themselves in the same way. Weekend evangelism and preaching with various congregations also provides encouragement and excitement for everyone reading about their efforts. Reports below continue to show the hand of God working through the lives of these men. 

The months ahead will see new schools in several locations. The new school in Malawi will begin classes in February. In order to meet requirements for the government and have everything ready, the new school in Fiji will open its doors in May. The new school in Zimbabwe will begin training men to preach sometime this spring, and the potential in other locations grows. It is an exciting time to see the growth of the program.

Now on to this week’s incredible reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

Extension Reports

The Restoration Of A Brother And Sister In Cameroon Encourages All: Recent weekend evangelism in Cameroon opened the door to restoring a family baptized in 1975.

History In The Making With The Great Workshop In Nigeria: The report from Nigeria shares news about the impact of powerful speakers at a recent event known as the Great Workshop. 

The Church Is Maturing In Siem Reap, Cambodia: The goal of any work, and the exciting news from Cambodia, is the steps to maturing the church in their own financial support.

Campaigns In Ghana Face Challenges In Restorations: Students continue their campaign efforts, but experience numerous challenges in striving to restore brethren to the church.

Farming And Evangelism Impacts The Work Of The Church: The Maynard family continue to see the development of the work in Tanzania through farming and outreach.

God’s Laborers Continue To Work In The Vineyard To Bear Fruit: The report this week from Arusha, Tanzania shares news of how the gospel is bearing fruit in the kingdom.

Faithful Men Growing The Kingdom In Tanzania: The news from ACSOP is exciting as faithful men continue to contribute to the growth of the church in Tanzania.

Final Thoughts
Thank you for your continued encouragement and support in the work of training preachers. Your involvement in this program is the backbone of what is accomplished. The souls affected by the preaching of the gospel can only be numbered in heaven. There will be souls we may never meet this side of heaven that will be thankful for the effort put forth to train men to preach the gospel. Thank you for making it possible.

God bless

Posted on January 31, 2016 .